Copr is an easy-to-use automatic build system providing a package repository as its output.

Start with making your own repository in these three steps:

  1. choose a system and architecture you want to build for
  2. provide Copr with src.rpm packages
  3. let Copr do all the work and wait for your new repo

NOTE: Copr is not yet officially supported by Fedora Infrastructure.



Collection mysql55/RHEL-6 for
  • Epel for CentOS 6 : i386, x86_64

remi/qelectrotech Build of SVN snapshot
  • Epel for CentOS 8 : aarch64, x86_64
  • Fedora 31 : aarch64, x86_64
  • Fedora 32 : aarch64, x86_64
  • Fedora 33 : aarch64, x86_64
  • Fedora rawhide : aarch64, x86_64
  • Mageia 7 : i586, x86_64
  • Mageia cauldron : i586, x86_64


RPM Quality uses tools like rpmlint and similar and tries to parse and evaluate their output to compute some weight quality in percents. The final number says how good the RPM is.
  • Epel for CentOS 6 : i386, x86_64
  • Epel for CentOS 7 : x86_64


Collection with Python 2.7 for EPEL 6 (currently just for testing).
  • Epel for CentOS 6 : x86_64




Description not filled in by author. Very likely personal repository for testing purpose, which you should not use.


The Google Closure compiler. It contains too many bundled libs for officially packaging in Fedora, but it is released under a valid license (ASLv2), so I am adding it here as a copr.


html2text is a Python script that convers a page of HTML into clean, easy-to-read plain ASCII text. Better yet, that ASCII also happens to be valid Markdown (a text-to-HTML format). Also known as: THE ASCIINATOR, html to text, htm to txt, htm2txt, ...


Build for pre-release testing
  • Epel for CentOS 6 : i386, x86_64


Note taking application featuring markdown syntax.