Recent Projects


A build of the Composer dependency manager for EPEL 6. This COPR build is building a source RPM produced from a slightly updated version of
  • Epel for CentOS 6 : i386, x86_64


MySQL utilities with MySQL Fabric


Builds of pinpoint, mostly git snapshots currently -


trying to port xen onto el7
  • Epel for CentOS 7 : x86_64


Charm is a time tracking program for Mac Os X, Linux and Window. It is built around two major ideas – tasks, and events. Tasks are the things time is spend on, repeatedly. For example, ironing laundry is a task. The laundry done for two hours on last Tuesday is an event in that task. When doing laundry multiple times, the events will be accumulated, and can later be printed in activity reports or weekly time sheets. So in case laundry would be done for three hours on Wednesday again, the activity report for the “Ironing Laundry” task would list the event on Tuesday, the event on Wednesday and a total of five hours.
  • Epel for CentOS 7 : x86_64


Sometimes upstream wants people to test git master of gstreamer1-vaapi. This COPR contains my builds of git master for testing; they should be appropriately versioned


A fake openstack-selinux package to solve a dependency problem.
  • Epel for CentOS 6 : i386, x86_64
  • Epel for CentOS 7 : x86_64


backport kernels
  • Epel for CentOS 7 : x86_64


Various things originally used on the Liverpool University HPC service that aren't yet, or can't be (e.g. using dkms), in Fedora/EPEL, as well as rebuilds and modifications of existing packages. This used to target principally EPEL6, bt now is mainly for EPEL7 -- other targets are currently mostly for testing the packaging. See also the parallel gridengine repo. [This no longer reflects Liverpool usage, but I've kept the name for now.] People who don't believe in packaging might still find this useful for providing build recipes. You can extract the .spec file from the downloaded source of package X like this and look at the %prep and %build sections: rpm2cpio X-*.src.rpm | cpio -i X.spec You can use rpm2cpio also on Debian-ish systems. Not in Fedora (some not suitable): abinit, ace, adept-utils, adios, aftermath, aftermath-openmp, aster, aten, autodock_vina, aws-libfabric, baler, bashdb, basicanalysis, blcr, bowtie2, caffe, caliper, callpath, clustalw, clustalx, clusteringsuite, code_saturne, cryptominisat2, cube-plugins, dakota, darshan, dimemas, dtcmp, elemental, extra-p, extrae, eztrace, fakechroot, feast, firejail, FIRESTARTER, flint, flom, folding, form, fzjlinktest, gf-complete, glm, gluegen, gtg, gti, harminv, hbdict, hisat2, hp2p, hpcc, hwloc2, intel-mlsl, ior, ipm, jerasure, jogl, json-cwx, jube, kexec-reboot, knem, last-seq, launchmon, libbsctools, libctl, libeatmydata, libhmsbeagle, libibprof, libiomp, liblsb, libmonitor, libmsr, libsprng2, libtinythread++, lighter, likwid, lwgrp, m4ri, macsio, maqao, mcsim, mdhim, mdtest, memp, mkl-dnn, mpe2, mpifileutils, mpiP, mrbayes, mrmpi, mrnet, msr-safe, must, muster, n-diff, netguage, oases, ocl-icd, octopus, omp-compat, onesis, open-axiom, openblas-compat (subvert netlib, atlas), opencl-filesystem, opencl-headers, openfoam, openspeedshop, openturns (from upstream srpm), opium, osu-micro-benchmarks, otf2prv, padb, paraver, pcm, perl-Algorithm-Munkres, perl-Bio-Phylo, perl-BioPerl, perl-BioPerl-Run, perl-XML-XML2JSON, pexsi, phish, phyml, plfs, plink, ploticus, plumed, pnmpi, pocl, proot, pseudo, ptf, python-chainer, python-keras, python-mpldatacursor-getpass, R-kazaam, R-pbdBASE, R-pbdDEMO, R-pbdDMAT, R-pbdML, R-pbdMPI, R-pbdNCDF4, R-pbdPROF, R-pbdRPC, R-pbdSLAP, R-pbdZMQ, R-pmclust, R-remoter, R-rgdal, R-Rmpi, R-sp, RASPA2, ravel, reprompi, relapack, rstudio-deps, siesta, scorep-plugins, simde, simgrid, sionlib, sip, spectral, spmp, STAT, SU2, superlu_dist4, synapse, threadspotter, tophat, tracking, trilinos, txr, velvet, vite, warewulf-nhc, wrap, wrf, wrf3, xed Rebuilds/ports for EPEL6/7/8: busybox, CGAL, clustal-omega, cp2k, cpptasks, eigen2, EMBOSS, engrid, freefem++, freecad, gluegen2, gmm, gromacs, gts, hpl, hsakmt, hwloc2, intel-mpi-benchmarks, iotop, jcommon, jfreechart, jogl2, jsoncpp, lapack, libcircle, libharu, libmatheval, lmfit, mpibash, munge, mxml, OCE, ois, ogre, papi54-papi, papi55-papi, papi56-papi, papi57-papi, papi60-papi, patchelf, perl-Ace, perl-Convert-Binary-C, perl-Data-Stag, perl-Math-Derivative, perl-Math-Spline, perl-PostScript, perl-SVG-Graph, perl-TeX-encode, R-argon2, R-Biobase, R-BiocGenerics, R-Biostrings, R-DynDoc, R-float, R-getPass, R-IRanges, R-IRanges, R-png, R-R6, R-rstudioapi, R-sodium, R-pbdRPC, R-pbdZMQ, R-R6, R-tkWidgets, R-widgetTools, R-XVector, rocm-runtime, rpmlint, smesh, spglib, shiny, sip, sosdb, suitesparse, swing-layout, tng, uClibc, z3 Adaptations/updates for EPEL6/7/8: NetPIPE (for mpi), PyQt4 (python3), bowtie, cgnslib (update, Fortran support), compat-blacs (for compat-scalapack), compat-scalapack (version 1), dmtcp (update, IB support), fftw (update), freeipmi (update), ga (update), gromacs (update), hwloc, intel-mpi-benchmarks, jemalloc (profiling), libdb48, libdwarf, libunwind (update), memkind, openconnect, ncbi-blast+ (update), net-snmp (extension support), netcdf (parallel build), NetworkManager-openconnect, opensm (update) General updates: cpuid, elpa (optimization), python-mpldatacursor, ga Now in EPEL (or epel-testing)/Fedora: MUMPS (scotch ordering), R-rlecuyer (EPEL), blis, charliecloud, cube update, datamash, dl_poly, hypre, lammps, libxsmm, scalasca, dssp, jcuber, orangefs, parallel, patchelf, quantum-espresso, parallel (updated), petsc, procenv, singularity, superlu_dist
  • Epel for CentOS 7 : ppc64le, x86_64
  • Epel for CentOS 8 : aarch64, ppc64le, x86_64
  • Fedora 34 : aarch64, ppc64le, x86_64
  • Fedora 35 : aarch64, ppc64le, x86_64


A Python Toolbox for seismology/seismological observatories.
  • Epel for CentOS 7 : x86_64
  • Fedora 34 : i386, ppc64le, x86_64
  • Fedora 35 : i386, ppc64le, x86_64
  • Fedora rawhide : i386, ppc64le, x86_64