Copr is an easy-to-use automatic build system providing a package repository as its output.

Start with making your own repository in these three steps:

  1. choose a system and architecture you want to build for
  2. provide Copr with src.rpm packages available online
  3. let Copr do all the work and wait for your new repo

NOTE: Copr is not yet officially supported by Fedora Infrastructure.



Currently, epel-6 includes an out of date redis-2.4 and will not update ( This COPR provides a recent version of redis for EL6.
  • Epel for CentOS 6 : i386, x86_64


The netatalk project, built from their official SRPMS.
  • Epel for CentOS 7 : x86_64


Various rubygems for Diaspora.
  • Epel for CentOS 7 : x86_64


Postfix for EL6, with Postgres support added.
  • Epel for CentOS 6 : i386, x86_64


his package provides conversion in both directions between UTF-8 Unicode and more than thirty 7-bit ASCII equivalents, including RFC 2396 URI format and RFC 2045 Quoted Printable format, the representations used in HTML, SGML, XML, OOXML, the Unicode standard, Rich Text Format, POSIX portable charmaps, POSIX locale specifications, and Apache log files, and the escapes used for including Unicode in Ada, C, Common Lisp, Java, Pascal, Perl, Postscript, Python, Scheme, and Tcl.


Repository for dependencies for Mantid (
  • Epel for CentOS 6 : x86_64
  • Epel for CentOS 7 : x86_64
  • Fedora 27 : x86_64
  • Fedora 28 : x86_64
  • Fedora 29 : x86_64
  • Fedora rawhide : x86_64


Description not filled in by author. Very likely personal repository for testing purpose, which you should not use.
  • Epel for CentOS 6 : x86_64
  • Epel for CentOS 7 : x86_64


SpiceGUI is a program that aims to make circuit simulation on GNU/Linux operating systems easier with a modern and easy to use graphical user interface. This program makes more straightforward the process from schematic edition to result analysis with a modern Gtk3 interface.


Testing repository for reverse weak dependencies.


Testing repository for weak dependencies.