Copr is an easy-to-use automatic build system providing a package repository as its output.

Start with making your own repository in these three steps:

  1. choose a system and architecture you want to build for
  2. provide Copr with src.rpm packages available online
  3. let Copr do all the work and wait for your new repo

NOTE: Copr is not yet officially supported by Fedora Infrastructure.



This is to help packaging and testing orthanc ( for EPEL. Once all dependencies are sorted out and orthanc is stable in EPEL it will be closed.
  • Epel 6: x86_64


Fast, scalable and extensible HTTP/1.1 compliant caching proxy server
  • Epel 6: i386, x86_64
  • Fedora 26: i386, x86_64


Haskell package (re)-builds that I need for some of my work.
  • Epel 6: i386


NeuroRD, chemesis, genesis, and possibly other packages for biochemical simulations
  • Fedora 26: i386, x86_64


SIMulation LIBrary for C++ programming language.
  • Epel 6: i386, x86_64
  • Epel 7: x86_64
  • Fedora 26: i386, x86_64


The latest version of calibre for all supported releases.


NOTE: The Fedora repos have caught up with the latest notmuch, so I've stopped maintaining this repo. Notmuch is a fast system for indexing, searching, and tagging emails in Maildirs. This repository provides a build from Git HEAD. This package also includes a few libraries from contrib/. This repo also provides mutt-kz compiled against the latest notmuch provided in this repository. If you want mutt-kz compiled against notmuch from the Fedora repos, please use the COPR repo here. The spec files can be found here:
  • Fedora 26: i386, x86_64


OVMF is a UEFI-based firmware for KVM.
  • Fedora 26: x86_64


Packages which are not acceptable in Fedora because they contain bundled libraries or prebuilt java code.
  • Epel 6: i386, x86_64
  • Fedora 26: i386, x86_64


Packages to be reviewed
  • Epel 6: i386, x86_64
  • Epel 7: x86_64
  • Fedora 26: i386, x86_64