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a command-line tool to help filter our identifiable and sensitive information from an sosreport.

Installation Instructions

Usage: soscleaner [-ldfknqr] /path/to/sosreport

Options: --version show program's version number and exit -h, --help show this help message and exit -l LOGLEVEL, --log_level=LOGLEVEL The Desired Log Level (default = INFO) Options are DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR -d DOMAIN, --domain=DOMAIN additional domain to obfuscate (optional). use a flag for each additional domain -f FILES, --file=FILES addtional files to be analyzed in addition to or in exception of sosreport -q, --quiet disable output to STDOUT -r DIRECTORY, --report_dir=DIRECTORY optional directory to store artifacts. default is /tmp -k KEYWORDS, --keywords=KEYWORDS optional text file to be obfuscated. format is one word per line. warning: long lists may slow down soscleaner. --hostname-path=HOSTNAMEPATH optional path to hostname file. -n NETWORK, --network=NETWORK networks to be obfuscatedi (optional). by default it looks through known routes to generate a list from a sosreport

Active Releases

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