tendrl / tendrl

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Name Last Build Version Last Build Submitted Last Build Status Automatic Build Actions
tendrl-notifier 1.6.3-20180618T083117.fd7bddb 7 months ago succeeded Disabled -
tendrl-ui 1.6.3-20181211T034533.636b6d2 39 days ago succeeded Disabled -
tendrl-selinux 1.5.4-20181219T044759.8bb6a89 31 days ago succeeded Disabled -
tendrl-commons 1.6.3-20190108T102658.55edf1a 11 days ago succeeded Enabled -
tendrl-gluster-integration 1.6.3-20190108T102715.6dd8a8b 11 days ago succeeded Enabled -
tendrl-ansible 1.6.3a-20190108T153348.014f916 11 days ago succeeded Disabled -
tendrl-monitoring-integration 1.6.3-20190114T123242.e8798f2 5 days ago succeeded Disabled -
tendrl-node-agent 1.6.3-20190119T062707.9ca7f87 14 hours ago succeeded Enabled -
tendrl-api 1.6.3-20190119T062708.05b53eb 14 hours ago succeeded Enabled -
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