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Collection of additional packages that improve my experience with sway(1) on Fedora.
All the rpm package specs here are free to use for any purposes, including submitting Fedora package review.

  • greetd-gtkgreet (spec) -- GTK based greeter for greetd.
  • greetd-tuigreet (spec) -- Graphical console greeter for greetd.
  • greetd-wlgreet (spec) -- Raw wayland based greeter for greetd.
  • oguri (spec) -- A very nice animated wallpaper daemon for Wayland compositors.
  • rofi-wayland (spec) -- Fork of rofi with wayland (wlr-layer-shell) support.
  • sway-git -- Sway git snapshots compiled with static wlroots and installable side by side with stable sway from Fedora repositories.
    Includes only /usr/bin/sway-git and /usr/bin/swaybar-git binaries; everything else would be used from the regular sway package.
  • sway-services (spec) -- Tools, utilities and unit files to handle a systemd-user sway session.
    Provides new session "Sway Service" with support of systemd targets and user services.
  • wayland-tracker (spec) -- Wayland protocol dumper.
    MITM proxy for getting the protocol information that is not available from WAYLAND_DEBUG logs.
  • wlrctl (spec) -- Utility for miscellaneous wlroots extensions
  • xembed-sni-proxy (spec) -- Legacy xembed tray icons support for SNI-only system trays.
    Package with xembedsniproxy binary extracted from plasma-workspace. Does not require installing whole KDE to support legacy app tray icons.
  • yambar (spec) -- Modular status panel for X11 and Wayland

Installation Instructions

  1. Install sway from the official Fedora repository:
    dnf install sway
    dnf module install sway/default
  2. dnf copr enable alebastr/sway-extras
  3. Install desired packages from this repository.

Special notes for rofi-wayland

Due to the same binary name this package conflicts with regular rofi package.
Recommended installation command if you already have rofi installed is dnf swap rofi rofi-wayland

Forked project does not implement window mode and may fail to start if your existing configuration references it. The solution is to open the configuration file (~/.config/rofi/config or ~/.config/rofi/config.rasi) and remove window from modi option.

Active Releases

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