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Collection of additional packages that improve my experience with sway(1) on Fedora:

  • clipman -- A basic clipboard manager for Wayland, with support for persisting copy buffers after an application exits.
  • gnupg2-systemd -- gnupg2 systemd integration package.
    This package links example service files from gnupg2 package to a systemd user service directory (rhbz#1542353).
  • kanshi -- Dynamic display configuration for Wayland.
    kanshi allows you to define output profiles that are automatically enabled and disabled on hotplug.
  • sway-services -- Tools, utilities and unit files to handle a systemd-user sway session.
    Provides new session "Sway Service" with support of systemd targets and user services.
  • wev -- Wayland event viewer.
    This is a tool for debugging events on a Wayland window, analogous to the X11 tool xev.
  • xdg-desktop-portal-wlr -- xdg-desktop-portal backend for wlroots-based compositors.
    Provides support for screenshots and screencast via xdg-desktop-portal D-Bus API. Early stage of development; has bugs, crashes and missing features.
  • xembed-sni-proxy -- Legacy xembed tray icons support for SNI-only system trays.
    Package with xembedsniproxy binary extracted from plasma-workspace. Does not require installing whole KDE to support legacy app tray icons.

See also: copr:alebastr/ly

Installation Instructions

  1. Install sway from the official Fedora repository:
    dnf module install sway
  2. dnf copr enable alebastr/sway-extras
  3. Install desired packages from this repository.

Active Releases

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