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What is this?

  • Find ports quickly using Rustscan (3 seconds at its fastest).
  • Automatically runs nmap on those ports.
  • ???
  • Profit!

RustScans only job is to reduce the friction between finding open ports and inputting them into nmap.


  • Scans all 65k ports in 8 seconds (on 10k batch size).
  • Saves you time by automatically piping it into Nmap. No more manual copying and pasting!
  • Does one thing and does it well. Only purpose is to improve Nmap, not replace it!
  • Let's you choose what Nmap commands to run, or uses the default.
  • IPv6 Support

Installation Instructions

sudo dnf copr enable atim/rustscan -y sudo dnf install rustscan

Active Releases

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Release Architectures Repo Download
EPEL 7 x86_64 (79)* EPEL 7 (443 downloads)
EPEL 8 x86_64 (42)* EPEL 8 (216 downloads)
Fedora 34 x86_64 (9)* Fedora 34 (0 downloads)
Fedora 35 x86_64 (26)* Fedora 35 (88 downloads)
Fedora 36 x86_64 (131)* Fedora 36 (78 downloads)
Fedora 37 x86_64 (22)* Fedora 37 (8 downloads)
Fedora rawhide x86_64 (8)* Fedora rawhide (127 downloads)

* Total number of packages downloaded in the last seven days.