( forked from deathwish/emacs-pgtk-nativecomp )

Project ID: 41096


Forked from deathwish' Copr; deathwish' Copr is more up to date now, so this repository is no longer needed.

Attempt to rebuild so that poly-R doesn't suffer from #46912.

  • Polymode packages should be installed in a specific order.
  • If the packages are already installed, reinstall them using M^x package-reinstall in this order:
  1. ess
  2. polymode
  3. poly-noweb
  4. poly-R
  5. poly-markdown
  • This is what worked for myself, using Spacemacs and this Copr build.

Installation Instructions

  • Enable this copr repository,
    $ dnf copr enable bacarson/emacs-pgtk-nativecomp
  • Install latest pretest,
    $ dnf install emacs
    or update the installed version,
    $ dnf update emacs

Active Releases

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