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  • 2021-05-03: FreeSWITCH 1.10.6 build for CentOS 8


  • 1.10.6 build v3 — 2160291; fix python2 dependency, _build_id_links
  • Older versions removed

Installation Instructions

This is a RPM build of the spec file of the CentOS 7 src.rpm on CentOS 8. There is a minimal set of changes to the spec file in order to build on CentOS 8. It uses CentOS 8 repos, EPEL-8, and ancillary RPMs provided by FreeSWITCH and rebuilt on CentOS 8 in copr:beaveryoga/broadvoice.

It should produce the same set of packages (103 RPMs) as distributed by FreeSWITCH, except that CentOS 8 has many more debuginfo packages.

Changes to spec file:

  1. The spec file is extracted from the src.rpm provided by upstream
  2. Obvious changes eg: db4 -> libdb, python -> python2
  3. Create links python2 -> python, python2-config -> python-config
  4. Used Improved packaging from copr:beaveryoga/broadvoice so libks and signalwire-client-c are split into main and -devel packages
  5. The CentOS 7 spec file has -Werror propagated to all Makefiles. I could not get that to work, so there is a step in %build which removes -Werror.
  6. There is a build id conflict as the build steps copy Erlang epmd to another file fs_epmd 😲. Set %define _build_id_links none.

These packages are needed during the build but are not listed as BuildRequires. The mock chroot is prepopulated with:

  • libzstd-devel
  • libdb-devel
  • gdbm-devel
  • libuuid-devel
  • perl-interpreter
  • speexdsp-devel

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