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Backport of Nouveau atomic modesetting and DisplayPort 1.2 MultiStream support from Dave Airlie's drm-next tree (queued for Linux 4.10) to the F25 kernel. Intended for early testing for eventual addition to Fedora.

Installation Instructions

Install the package, reboot, and select the new kernel from the bootloader menu, then use the system as normal.

I'm primarily interested in regressions from the Fedora 25 kernel, secondarily for testing of DisplayPort MST displays. If there are any issues with this kernel that do not occur with the standard Fedora 25 kernel, please let me know. If there are display-related issues that occur even on the stock kernel, follow the normal bug-reporting process.

When reporting bugs to me about display-related issues caused by this package, it would be very useful if you could reboot with "log_buf_len=8M nouveau.debug=disp=trace,i2c=trace drm.debug=0x14" appended to your kernel boot options, and then perform the absolute minimal steps to reproduce the problem, to keep the log short.

Current known issues:

  • GNOME Shell may sometimes not redraw after bringing the monitor out of a low-power state (ie. when the screen is locked). Switching to a virtual console and running "killall -HUP gnome-shell" will bring it back. (Update: This might be fixed now).

Active Releases

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