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cec-timer is a set of system d timers and services that will turn off and on cec controlled TVs at specific times, it was designed to be used on Fedora using a Raspberry Pi 3 and uses cec-ctl to control the cec device.

How to use

  • Enable cec on your TV, it may go by different names depending on the vendor, a list of names and a guide can be found here
  • Enable the system d timers and initialization service systemctl enable cec-on.timer cec-off.timer cec-initialize.service
  • Either reboot or systemctl start cec-initialize.service and the tv should turn on and off at the times specified by the timer files


  • Edit the timer files (located at /usr/lib/systemd/system/cec-on/off.timer) for your desired days and times to turn the monitor on and off.

  • If you are using a different cec control device than the raspberry pi 3, you may need to configure the cec-initialize.service for your device.


  • Turning on and off an office dashboard TV at specific times so that it doesn't waste energy running when people aren't around

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