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Reproducer for Dogtag bug

Installation Instructions

package install

Requires Fedora 28 X86_64

dnf copr enable -y cheimes/freeipa-master-4.7 dnf install -y freeipa-server-dns-4.6.90.pre1.dev201805011843+git936f1bd63

test install

ipa-server-install -r IPA.EXAMPLE -n ipa.example \ --ds-password=DMSecret456 --admin-password=Secret123 \ --setup-dns --auto-forwarders --auto-reverse --no-dnssec-validation \ --external-ca --unattended python3 -m ipatests.pytest_plugins.integration.create_external_ca ipa-server-install --ds-password=DMSecret456 \ --external-cert-file=/tmp/rootca.pem --external-cert-file=/tmp/ipaca.pem


  • Dogtag 10.6.0-1.2 with three patches from
  • NSS 3.36.1-1.0.0.option3 with fix from

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