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This repository contains "stable" builds of elementary packages that are not yet ready for inclusion in the official fedora repositories (because of various issues, outlined below).


  • elementary-dpms-helper has not been properly released upstream, and I don't want to push software from some "random" bzr branch to fedora (
  • pantheon-agent-polkit installs it's binary to a (hardcoded) /usr/lib, which is the wrong location on many distros ( Additionally, the release tarball does not include the necessary autostart .desktop file (
  • switchboard-plug-about uses elementaryOS / ubuntu -specific files to read it's release information from and needs a patch for fedora. I did this for an older release, but the patch doesn't apply anymore and would need to be rebased (
  • switchboard-plug-locale doesn't seem to work on fedora. I expect the locale settings are set differently on fedora- and ubuntu-based systems. Help with debugging this issue is welcome.
  • switchboard-plug-pantheon-shell installs a non-user-facing binary to /usr/bin, which should be installed to /usr/libexec/ (
  • switchboard-plug-parental-controls is completely untested, and it ships a systemd service, so I would like to have confirmation that it actually works before pushing the inclusion in fedora.
  • switchboard-plug-security-privacy is also a sensitive piece of code (it has "security" AND "privacy" in it, so it must be!), and I would like to be sure it's working as expected before submitting it for review.
  • switchboard-plug-sharing crashes in conjunction with recent versions of GNOME because of a missing / renamed GSettings key.
  • switchboard-plug-useraccounts possibly has some issues - and since this is a piece of software that could lock users out of their own machines, I don't want to risk pushing it to fedora before we can make sure it works as expected.



Installation Instructions

Use the packages from this repository only if you accept various issues, bugs, crashes, and are willing to help me and upstream troubleshoot the remaining problems. I hope to get the upstream issues resolved soon-ish to get these packages ready for fedora.

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