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A build of samba-4.5.0 (sadly a lightly modified pre-release by asn) that does build on F24, and also allows an F24 machine to become a domain controller.

Installation Instructions

  1. Enable this copr repo
  2. Install/Upgrade samba
  3. If it exists, trash smb.conf
  4. Switch SELinux to permissive (I iz sowy- needs a rule to allow smb to listen to krb/88)
  5. Run samba-tool domain provision and follow le prompts (unless you want to join an existing domain...).
  6. Ensure firewall permits access to ports 88/tcp & udp, 389/tcp & udp, 53/udp, 137/udp, 138/udp, 3269/tcp, 135/udp, 1024/udp, 636/udp, 3268/udp.
  7. Start samba and go join some machines :D

(If you're wondering about 389/udp, see

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