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Package Fedora rawhide
ViTables succeeded
volk succeeded
volume_key succeeded
vtk failed
wad succeeded
waf succeeded
wafw00f succeeded
waiverdb failed
WALinuxAgent succeeded
wapiti succeeded
watchman succeeded
weasyprint succeeded
webtech succeeded
weechat succeeded
wesnoth succeeded
wfuzz succeeded
whipper succeeded
whipper-plugin-eaclogger succeeded
winpdb succeeded
woffTools succeeded
wordxtr succeeded
wxGlade succeeded
xapian-bindings succeeded
xapps succeeded
xcat succeeded
xcb-proto succeeded
xen succeeded
xonsh succeeded
xortool succeeded
xpra succeeded
xrootd succeeded
x-tile succeeded
YafaRay succeeded
yamllint succeeded
yawn succeeded
ydiff succeeded
yokadi succeeded
youtube-dl succeeded
ython-pysam -
yubikey-manager succeeded
z3 succeeded
zanata-python-client succeeded
zbar succeeded
zeitgeist succeeded
zezere succeeded
Zim succeeded
zinnia succeeded
znc succeeded
zuul succeeded
3701 - 3750 of 3749
of 75
Possible build states importing - Package sources are being imported into Copr DistGit.
pending - Build is waiting in queue for a backend worker.
starting - Backend worker is trying to acquire a builder machine.
running - Build in progress.
succeeded - Successfully built.
forked - Build has been forked from another build.
skipped - This package has already been built previously.
failed - Build failed. See logs for more details.
canceled - The build has been cancelled manually.
waiting - Task is waiting for something else to finish.