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Add Sony LDAC, aptX, aptX HD, AAC codecs (A2DP Audio) support for Linux PulseAudio.

Installation Instructions


This recommends ffmpeg (aptX), fdk-aac (AAC) from the RPM Fusion repos so make sure it's added to your repos. Also libldacbt (LDAC) is recommended which is this repo.

If you install the below package and these are available, they will be installed. Add RPMFusion free and nonfree repos. See: https://rpmfusion.org/


# dnf update pulseaudio-module-bluetooth

Then reload PulseAudio with pulseaudio -k.


Connect a Bluetooth device that supports e.g. aptX. Then type:

pactl list sinks | grep -e bluez -e a2dp_codec

Check bluetooth.a2dp_codec.

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