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This repo contains builds of the Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework (DPTF) driver for Fedora. The DPTF user-mode driver and all required kernel components are added to the initramfs and loaded during early boot.

Intel DPTF is useful for modern ultrabooks that use DPTF to control thermal throttling and power management, and may potentially improve CPU performance on these systems. Note that Intel's DPTF driver is considered experimental and unsupported so you will not be able to get support from Intel if this causes problems. Intel's DPTF Linux driver is also incomplete and does not support all policy types used by supported devices; it still doesn't work as well as it does on Windows, but can certainly improve the situation for many supported ultrabooks.

Installation Instructions

To check if your device has the necessary hardware for the DPTF driver, run lsmod | egrep '(int34|processor_thermal_device)'. If there is any output from this command, the necessary hardware is present in your computer.

  1. sudo dnf copr enable jgoguen/dptf
  2. sudo dnf install -y dptf
  3. sudo systemctl enable --now dptf.service

If you are using another thermal management solution (e.g. throttled) disable it now.

Active Releases

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