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Redhat has all the patches in 5.13 kernels for Fedora. This repo will no longer be maintained. To return to Fedora's kernels, just undo the changes under instructions.

The old description below.

The fedora linux kernel, with the patches mentioned here. Essentially AMD Ryzen laptops should be able to suspend and resume properly with the patches. It works on my ASUS M433I (AMD Ryzen 4500U), but there may still be issues with resume functionality on some other models.

  • Note that functionality is not 100%
  • From 5.12.14 I switched to Belegdols tree (more patches) at

Installation Instructions

  1. Disable secure boot (in your bios/uefi settings)
  2. dnf copr enable jonaslb/kernel-ryzen
  3. dnf update
  4. Optionally, to avoid getting non-functional updates, disable kernel updates from the fedora repositories by adding exclude=kernel* to /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-updates.repo.

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