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systemd build with systemd-networkd enabled This repo is NOT officially supported.


  • Epel for CentOS 7 : x86_64


Repository with the latest(ish) systemd packaged for RHEL 7 / Centos 7. This repository is for testing purposes only and is not supported in any way. Packages curl-7.47.1-1.1.el7 taken from rhscl-2.2-httpd24-rhel-7 slightly modified not to build or require libnghttp2-specific stuff util-linux-2.29-2.fc26 taken from fedora 26 (master, commit 3d940d4e8372094b837a69f2ac5ca2e15422ec9b) built with the following removed to remove conflicts with sysvinit-tools: {_bindir}/last {_bindir}/mesg {_bindir}/wall {_mandir}/man1/last.1* {_mandir}/man1/mesg.1* {_mandir}/man1/wall.1* lz4- taken from fedora 26 (master, commit b19fedc68988350e1529155cecac701cd0299a85) built without modifications libgudev-230-2.fc26 taken from fedora 26 (master, commit ae15b116238578e5b70be483ce99d57357b19b39) built without modifications systemd v231, original spec and patches taken from https://github.com/facebookincubator/rpm-backports modifications: removed facebook-specific compile options removed python3 requirements added systemd-sysv disabled xkbcommon patched to compile against lz4 correctly python-systemd-232-2.fc26 taken from fedora 26 (master, commit 87ccb30ab59ffd4015de6ca4a0eb3390c57f491a) modified not to build or require python3-specific stuff has to be built after systemd provides systemd-python to make updating from systemd-219 easy
  • Epel for CentOS 7 : x86_64


GNU Guile 2.1.x


Update (Mar 13 2017) Emacs 25.x repo. Mostly for publishing release candidates. Original information Emacs 25 repo. The final build here is likely what ends up in rawhide when the stable version of Emacs 25 is released. 25.1.50-1: commit 61e83e902b388490b609677a76f3d49740439f24 (Mon Jan 4 2016) 25.1.50-2: commit ce0eee83854a23985a476f72306c9cc04eb8747e (Mon Jan 25 2016) 25.0.90-1: pretest 1, commit 7b14da444e6ad0eae1eb6c0dde870a84257d6283 (Sat Jan 30 2016) 25.0.91-1: pretest 2 (Mon Feb 15, 2016) 25.0.92-1: pretest 3 (Thu Mar 3, 2016) 25.0.93-1: pretest 4 (Tue Apr 26) - compiled with webkit support 25.0.94-1: pretest 5 (Wed May 18) Note: I was using the master branch (thanks to Eli Zaretskii for pointing this out) to build the previous two builds, that's why the versions were already set to 25.1.x. I will be using 25.0.y from now on and use 25.1 for the final stable version. I had to bump the epoch because of this.