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A Changelog Management Tool written in Go which is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac OS-X.


Think about that: You have a Project where you work with other 4-5 Peoples. How do you track changes so that they can easily added to a Changelog File?

This Tool helps you to keep track of you Changelog (and changes) and its fully compatible with (eg.) the Git Flow. This Tool does not aim to replace Tools like Jira moreover, it extends it. Create Changelog Files easily with one Command (changelog release <version>).

Feature branches can contain Changelog Entries and can be merged whenever you want! It does not break the functionality.

And this Tool does not disturb any other Tool (eg IDE, CI/CD, Artifact, ...)


  • seamless integration into your Workflow and CI/CD environment
  • works with Git, SVN, ... (every version control system)
  • highly customizable
    • CHANGELOG.md output can be easily changed without writting any code
    • for internal and OpenSource Projects
  • MIT license
  • wide range of supported (and pre-compiled) Operating Systems
  • keep track of changes made in your Project
  • generates a changelog exactly the way you want it
  • free and fast support

Installation Instructions


NOTE: You don't have to be at the root path (eg. where your .git relies) to generate/ create a Changelog(-Entry)

Initialize directory

  1. Run changelog init and edit the config file (.changelog-go.yaml)

Create a new change entry

  1. Run changelog new "<title>" and then choose from the list which category is the best fit.
  2. Add and commit the new Changelog File


## (1) create changelog entry ~] changelog new "Fix 'go pos'-Parser Bug" Using config file: /root/.go/src/gitlab.com/l0nax/test/.changelog-go.yaml [0] New Feature (Added) [1] Bug Fix (Fixed) [2] Feature change (Changed) [3] New deprecation (Deprecated) [4] Feature removal (Removed) [5] Security fix (Security) [6] Other (Other) >> 1 ## (2) add and commit changelog Entry ~] git add .changelogs/unreleased/bugfix_P71128-114_bug-in-go-to-parser-gnAfCUyu ~] git commit -m "Add changelog entry" ## (3) push/ merge your changes or create (ie.) a Pull-Request

Release a new version

Releasing a new Version is as simple as creating a new changelog entry:

  1. Run changelog release <version>
  2. Add and Commit the new CHANGELOG.md and changed files under .changelogs


## (1) generate new changelog ~] changelog release 2.0.0 ## (2) commit CHANGELOG.md and `.changelogs` ~] git add .changelogs CHANGELOG.md ~] git commit -m "Generating new CHANGELOG.md" ## (3) push/ merge your changes or create (ie.) a Pull-Request

Reporting Bugs/ Feature Requests

Please create an Issue at https://gitlab.com/l0nax/changelog-go/-/issues if you found a bug or you miss a feature.

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