( forked from loise/KentOS-8.4.2105-backup )

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Package Epel 8
akonadi-calendar-tools forked
akonadiconsole forked
akonadi-import-wizard forked
akregator forked
analitza forked
appstream forked
appstream-data forked
ark forked
artikulate forked
baloo-widgets forked
blinken forked
bluedevil forked
bomber forked
bovo forked
breeze-icon-theme forked
cantor forked
catdoc forked
cervisia forked
cmake forked
cmake3 forked
dbus-python forked
dolphin forked
dolphin-plugins forked
dragon forked
ebook-tools forked
efivar forked
elisa-player forked
extra-cmake-modules forked
f32-backgrounds forked
filelight forked
flatpak forked
freeopcua forked
fwupd forked
gcab forked
granatier forked
grantlee-editor forked
grub2-breeze-theme forked
gumbo-parser forked
gwenview forked
juk forked
k3b forked
kaccounts-integration forked
kaccounts-providers forked
kactivitymanagerd forked
kaddressbook forked
kajongg forked
kalarm forked
kalgebra forked
kalzium forked
kamera forked
kamoso forked
kanagram forked
kapman forked
kapptemplate forked
kate forked
katomic forked
kbackup forked
kblackbox forked
kblocks forked
kbounce forked
kbrickbuster forked
kbruch forked
kcachegrind forked
kcalc forked
kcharselect forked
kcolorchooser forked
kcolorpicker forked
kcron forked
kdebugsettings forked
kde-cli-tools forked
kde-connect forked
kdecoration forked
kde-dev-scripts forked
kde-dev-utils forked
kdeedu-data forked
kde-filesystem forked
kdegraphics-mobipocket forked
kdegraphics-thumbnailers forked
kdenetwork-filesharing forked
kdepim-addons forked
kdepim-runtime forked
kdeplasma-addons forked
kde-print-manager forked
kdesdk-kioslaves forked
kdesdk-thumbnailers forked
kde-settings forked
kdevelop forked
kdf forked
kdiagram forked
kdialog forked
kdiamond forked
kdnssd forked
kdsoap forked
keditbookmarks forked
kf5 forked
kf5-akonadi-calendar forked
kf5-akonadi-contacts forked
kf5-akonadi-mime forked
kf5-akonadi-notes forked
kf5-akonadi-search forked
kf5-akonadi-server forked
kf5-attica forked
kf5-audiocd-kio forked
kf5-baloo forked
kf5-bluez-qt forked
kf5-calendarsupport forked
kf5-eventviews forked
kf5-frameworkintegration forked
kf5-grantleetheme forked
kf5-incidenceeditor forked
kf5-kactivities forked
kf5-kactivities-stats forked
kf5-kalarmcal forked
kf5-kapidox forked
kf5-karchive forked
kf5-kauth forked
kf5-kbookmarks forked
kf5-kcalendarcore forked
kf5-kcalendarutils forked
kf5-kcmutils forked
kf5-kcodecs forked
kf5-kcompletion forked
kf5-kconfig forked
kf5-kconfigwidgets forked
kf5-kcontacts forked
kf5-kcoreaddons forked
kf5-kcrash forked
kf5-kdav forked
kf5-kdbusaddons forked
kf5-kdeclarative forked
kf5-kded forked
kf5-kdelibs4support forked
kf5-kdesignerplugin forked
kf5-kdesu forked
kf5-kdewebkit forked
kf5-kdnssd forked
kf5-kdoctools forked
kf5-kemoticons forked
kf5-kfilemetadata forked
kf5-kglobalaccel forked
kf5-kguiaddons forked
kf5-kholidays forked
kf5-khtml forked
kf5-ki18n forked
kf5-kiconthemes forked
kf5-kidentitymanagement forked
kf5-kidletime forked
kf5-kimageformats forked
kf5-kimap forked
kf5-kinit forked
kf5-kio forked
kf5-kipi-plugins forked
kf5-kirigami2 forked
kf5-kitemmodels forked
kf5-kitemviews forked
kf5-kitinerary forked
kf5-kjobwidgets forked
kf5-kjs forked
kf5-kjsembed forked
kf5-kldap forked
kf5-kmailtransport forked
kf5-kmbox forked
kf5-kmediaplayer forked
kf5-kmime forked
kf5-knewstuff forked
kf5-knotifications forked
kf5-knotifyconfig forked
kf5-kontactinterface forked
kf5-kpackage forked
kf5-kparts forked
kf5-kpeople forked
kf5-kpimtextedit forked
kf5-kpkpass forked
kf5-kplotting forked
kf5-kpty forked
kf5-kquickcharts forked
kf5-kross forked
kf5-kross-interpreters forked
kf5-krunner forked
kf5-kservice forked
kf5-ksmtp forked
kf5-ktexteditor forked
kf5-ktextwidgets forked
kf5-ktnef forked
kf5-kunitconversion forked
kf5-kwallet forked
kf5-kwayland forked
kf5-kwidgetsaddons forked
kf5-kwindowsystem forked
kf5-kxmlgui forked
kf5-kxmlrpcclient forked
kf5-libgravatar forked
kf5-libkcddb forked
kf5-libkcompactdisc forked
kf5-libkdcraw forked
kf5-libkdepim forked
kf5-libkexiv2 forked
kf5-libkgeomap forked
kf5-libkipi forked
kf5-libkleo forked
kf5-libksane forked
kf5-libksieve forked
kf5-libktorrent forked
kf5-mailcommon forked
kf5-mailimporter forked
kf5-messagelib forked
kf5-modemmanager-qt forked
kf5-networkmanager-qt forked
kf5-pimcommon forked
kf5-plasma forked
kf5-prison forked
kf5-purpose forked
kf5-solid forked
kf5-sonnet forked
kf5-syndication forked
kf5-syntax-highlighting forked
kf5-threadweaver forked
kfind forked
kfloppy forked
kfourinline forked
kgamma forked
kgeography forked
kget forked
kgoldrunner forked
kgpg forked
khangman forked
khelpcenter forked
khotkeys forked
kig forked
kigo forked
killbots forked
kimageannotator forked
kimagemapeditor forked
kinfocenter forked
kio-extras forked
kio-gdrive forked
kirigami-gallery forked
kiriki forked
kiten forked
kjumpingcube forked
kleopatra forked
klettres forked
klickety forked
klines forked
kmag forked
kmahjongg forked
kmail forked
kmail-account-wizard forked
kmenuedit forked
kmines forked
kmix forked
kmousetool forked
kmouth forked
kmplot forked
knavalbattle forked
knetwalk forked
knights forked
knotes forked
kolf forked
kollision forked
kolourpaint forked
kompare forked
konqueror forked
konquest forked
konsole5 forked
kontact forked
kopete forked
korganizer forked
kqtquickcharts forked
krdc forked
kreversi forked
krfb forked
kruler forked
kscreen forked
kscreenlocker forked
kshisen forked
ksirk forked
ksnakeduel forked
kspaceduel forked
ksquares forked
ksshaskpass forked
ksudoku forked
ksysguard forked
ksystemlog forked
ksystemstats forked
kteatime forked
ktimer forked
ktouch forked
ktuberling forked
kturtle forked
kubrick forked
kuserfeedback forked
kwalletmanager5 forked
kwave forked
kwayland-integration forked
kwayland-server forked
kwin forked
kwordquiz forked
kwrited forked
layer-shell-qt forked
libarchive forked
libatomic_ops forked
libgadu forked
libkdegames forked
libkeduvocdocument forked
libkgapi forked
libkmahjongg forked
libkolabxml forked
libkomparediff2 forked
libkscreen-qt5 forked
libksysguard forked
libmbim forked
libqmi forked
libsmbios forked
libxmlb forked
litehtml forked
lokalize forked
lskat forked
marble forked
mbedtls forked
mbox-importer forked
meanwhile forked
minuet forked
okular forked
open62541 forked
openslp forked
oxygen-icon-theme forked
palapeli forked
pam-kwallet forked
parley forked
picmi forked
pim-data-exporter forked
pim-sieve-editor forked
plasma-breeze forked
plasma-browser-integration forked
plasma-desktop forked
plasma-discover forked
plasma-disks forked
plasma-drkonqi forked
plasma-firewall forked
plasma-integration forked
plasma-milou forked
plasma-nm forked
plasma-oxygen forked
plasma-pa forked
plasma-sdk forked
plasma-systemsettings forked
plasma-thunderbolt forked
plasma-vault forked
plasma-wayland-protocols forked
plasma-workspace succeeded
plasma-workspace-wallpapers forked
plymouth forked
plymouth-kcm forked
plymouth-theme-breeze forked
polkit-kde forked
powerdevil forked
poxml forked
pulseaudio forked
python-pyside2 forked
python-qt5 forked
qbs forked
qhull forked
qqc2-desktop-style forked
qt forked
qt5 forked
qt5-doc forked
qt5-qt3d forked
qt5-qtbase forked
qt5-qtcanvas3d forked
qt5-qtcharts forked
qt5-qtcoap forked
qt5-qtconnectivity forked
qt5-qtdatavis3d forked
qt5-qtdeclarative forked
qt5-qtdoc forked
qt5-qtenginio forked
qt5-qtgamepad forked
qt5-qtgraphicaleffects forked
qt5-qtimageformats forked
qt5-qtknx forked
qt5-qtlocation forked
qt5-qtlottie forked
qt5-qtmqtt forked
qt5-qtmultimedia forked
qt5-qtnetworkauth forked
qt5-qtpurchasing forked
qt5-qtquick3d forked
qt5-qtquickcontrols forked
qt5-qtquickcontrols2 forked
qt5-qtquicktimeline forked
qt5-qtremoteobjects forked
qt5-qtscript forked
qt5-qtscxml forked
qt5-qtsensors forked
qt5-qtserialbus forked
qt5-qtserialport forked
qt5-qtspeech forked
qt5-qtsvg forked
qt5-qttools forked
qt5-qttranslations forked
qt5-qtvirtualkeyboard forked
qt5-qtwayland forked
qt5-qtwebchannel forked
qt5-qtwebengine forked
qt5-qtwebglplugin forked
qt5-qtwebkit forked
qt5-qtwebsockets forked
qt5-qtwebview forked
qt5-qtx11extras forked
qt5-qtxmlpatterns forked
qtchooser forked
qt-creator forked
rocs forked
sbc forked
sddm forked
sddm-kcm forked
signon-kwallet-extension forked
spectacle forked
step forked
svgpart forked
sweeper forked
umbrello forked
wayland forked
wayland-protocols forked
webrtc-audio-processing forked
xdg-desktop-portal-kde forked
yakuake forked
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pending - Build is waiting in queue for a backend worker.
starting - Backend worker is trying to acquire a builder machine.
running - Build in progress.
succeeded - Successfully built.
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