( forked from loise/kde-plasma-5.23.0 )

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Package Epel 8
appstream -
bluedevil forked
breeze-gtk -
curl -
glib2 -
grub2-breeze-theme forked
gtk-doc -
kactivitymanagerd forked
kde-cli-tools forked
kdecoration forked
kde-gtk-config forked
kdeplasma-addons forked
kgamma forked
khotkeys forked
kinfocenter forked
kmenuedit forked
kscreen forked
kscreenlocker forked
ksshaskpass forked
ksysguard forked
ksystemstats forked
kwayland-integration forked
kwayland-server forked
kwin forked
kwrited forked
layer-shell-qt forked
libkscreen-qt5 forked
libksysguard forked
libmetalink -
pam-kwallet forked
plasma-breeze forked
plasma-browser-integration forked
plasma-desktop forked
plasma-discover forked
plasma-disks forked
plasma-drkonqi forked
plasma-firewall forked
plasma-integration forked
plasma-milou forked
plasma-nm forked
plasma-oxygen forked
plasma-pa forked
plasma-sdk forked
plasma-systemsettings forked
plasma-thunderbolt forked
plasma-vault forked
plasma-wayland-protocols forked
plasma-workspace forked
plasma-workspace-wallpapers forked
plymouth-kcm forked
plymouth-theme-breeze forked
polkit-kde forked
powerdevil forked
sddm forked
sddm-kcm forked
wayland-protocols forked
xdg-desktop-portal-kde forked
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