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Base RPMs for KentOS from rebuilds and updates from Centos 8.2.2004 and EPEL 8 plus all needed to compile and install all of KDE/Qt

Beware: Qt depending packages have been rebuilt with Qt 5.15.0 !

  1. Builds of Qt 5.15.0 against CentOS 8.2.2004
  2. Rebuilds of CentOS 8.2.2004 RPMs where some output RPMs were missing in the distribution
  3. Updates for selected CentOS 8.2.2004 RPMs which are outdated for the requirements of KDE/Qt and are replaced by newer versions
  4. Rebuilds of EPEL-8 RPMs which depend on Qt and are recompiled with Qt 5.15.0 to check wether patches are needed plus RPMs for building and installing KDE/Qt without EPEL-8 (standalone installation of CentOS, RHEL or OL without EPEL-8)
  5. Updates for selected EPEL-8 RPMs which require patches to build against Qt 5.15.0 or are upgraded because the newer version does not require a patch
  6. Updates for selected CentOS RPMs where functionality is provided for KentOS: appstream-data (from Fedora latest)

Installation Instructions

Updated Packages against CentOS 8.2.2004

  • Qt 5.12 updated to Qt 5.15.0


  • gpgme-1.12.0-1 >= 1.11.1 required for kf5-libkleo (rebuild from Fedora 29)
  • libarchive-3.3.3-7 >= 3.3.3 required for ark, cmake 3.17.3 (rebuild from Fedora 29)
  • cmake-3.17.3 (rebuild from Fedora 32) with libuv-devel as build dependency (also Fedora 32) -- compile "without" Test X11-Test
  • appstream-data-32-6 providing appstream databases for plasma-discover

Updated Packages against EPEL-8

  • polkit-qt-1: is a replacement for polkit-qt from EPEL with the same functionality just for Qt 5 only (without Qt4 support)
  • kdiagram: 2.60 epel build failed for Qt 5.15, 2.70 requires newer cmake 3.17.3 to build (from centos-8-updates)
  • qt5-qtenginio is rebuild with Qt 5.15.0 builds with newer build fix from Fedora
  • qt5-qtstyleplugins upgraded to 5.0.0-40.el8 (fix Qt 5.15.0 build error)
  • TODO: qwt upgraded to 6.1.5 (fix Qt 5.15.0 build error)
  • TODO: quassel (fix Qt 5.15.0 build error)

Additional Packages from Fedora

To compile and install all KDE/Qt related packages, the missing packages were rebuilt from Fedora rawhide git versions. Mostly those include compile and runtime dependencies for KDE's Release-Service and other KDE/Qt applications, which are also needed for installing the EPEL-8 versions of KDE but are not shipped with EPEL-8.

fwupd, efivar, gcab, flatpak, appstream: all for plasma-discover

Other Qt/KDE RPMs from Fedora which need fixes:

  • TODO: https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/qtcurve.git (Qt 5.15 compile error)

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