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Package Epel 8
accounts-qml-module forked
accountsservice forked
appstream succeeded
appstream-data succeeded
astyle succeeded
avahi succeeded
castxml succeeded
catdoc succeeded
cfitsio succeeded
chmlib forked
clazy forked
cmake succeeded
colord-kde forked
compat-lua succeeded
dbusmenu-qt forked
dbus-python forked
desktop-backgrounds forked
discount forked
dvdauthor forked
dvgrab forked
ebook-tools succeeded
efivar forked
esmtp succeeded
f32-backgrounds forked
farstream02 forked
flatpak forked
fuse-encfs succeeded
fwupd forked
gcab forked
gpgme forked
gpsd succeeded
grantlee-qt5 forked
iodine forked
jsoncpp forked
kanjistrokeorders-fonts forked
kde-filesystem forked
kde-settings forked
kdiagram succeeded
kdsoap forked
kwebkitpart forked
libaccounts-glib forked
libaccounts-qt forked
libarchive forked
libburn forked
libbytesize forked
libcerf forked
libdc1394 forked
libdmtx succeeded
libebur128 forked
libesmtp succeeded
libfakekey forked
libfli forked
libgadu forked
libgnome-keyring forked
libid3tag forked
libindi forked
libkolabxml forked
liblqr-1 forked
libnova forked
libofx forked
libotr succeeded
libqalculate forked
libsmbios forked
libsmi forked
luajit succeeded
lyx forked
mbedtls succeeded
meanwhile forked
mlt forked
movit forked
NetworkManager-fortisslvpn succeeded
NetworkManager-iodine forked
NetworkManager-l2tp succeeded
NetworkManager-openconnect succeeded
NetworkManager-openvpn succeeded
NetworkManager-pptp succeeded
NetworkManager-ssh forked
NetworkManager-vpnc forked
notepadqq succeeded
nss-mdns succeeded
open62541 succeeded
OpenColorIO forked
openconnect succeeded
openvpn succeeded
opusfile forked
PackageKit-Qt forked
phonon forked
phonon-backend-gstreamer forked
pinentry forked
plasma-pk-updates succeeded
plymouth forked
podofo forked
polkit-qt forked
poppler forked
poppler-data forked
pulseaudio-qt forked
python-pyside2 forked
python-qt5 forked
qbs forked
qgnomeplatform forked
qhull succeeded
qjson forked
qt forked
qt5 forked
qt5-doc forked
qt5-qt3d forked
qt5-qtbase forked
qt5-qtcanvas3d forked
qt5-qtcharts forked
qt5-qtcoap succeeded
qt5-qtconnectivity forked
qt5-qtdatavis3d forked
qt5-qtdeclarative forked
qt5-qtdoc forked
qt5-qtenginio forked
qt5-qtgamepad forked
qt5-qtgraphicaleffects forked
qt5-qtimageformats forked
qt5-qtknx succeeded
qt5-qtlocation forked
qt5-qtlottie forked
qt5-qtmqtt succeeded
qt5-qtmultimedia forked
qt5-qtnetworkauth forked
qt5-qtpurchasing succeeded
qt5-qtquick3d forked
qt5-qtquickcontrols forked
qt5-qtquickcontrols2 forked
qt5-qtquicktimeline forked
qt5-qtremoteobjects forked
qt5-qtscript forked
qt5-qtscxml forked
qt5-qtsensors forked
qt5-qtserialbus forked
qt5-qtserialport forked
qt5-qtspeech forked
qt5-qtstyleplugins succeeded
qt5-qtsvg forked
qt5-qttools forked
qt5-qttranslations forked
qt5-qtvirtualkeyboard forked
qt5-qtwayland forked
qt5-qtwebchannel forked
qt5-qtwebengine forked
qt5-qtwebglplugin forked
qt5-qtwebkit forked
qt5-qtwebsockets forked
qt5-qtwebview forked
qt5-qtx11extras forked
qt5-qtxmlpatterns forked
qtchooser succeeded
qt-creator forked
qt-gstreamer forked
qtiocompressor forked
qtkeychain forked
qtlockedfile forked
qtsingleapplication forked
R forked
re2 forked
rhash forked
sddm succeeded
SDL2_image forked
SDL_image forked
SFML forked
shapelib succeeded
signon forked
signon-glib forked
signon-plugin-oauth2 forked
signon-ui forked
sip forked
snapd succeeded
snapd-glib succeeded
sox forked
sqlcipher forked
sshpass succeeded
strongswan succeeded
telepathy-accounts-signon forked
telepathy-farstream forked
telepathy-filesystem forked
telepathy-glib forked
telepathy-logger forked
telepathy-logger-qt forked
telepathy-mission-control forked
telepathy-qt forked
tetex-dvipost forked
tinyxml forked
tre succeeded
vpnc succeeded
vpnc-script succeeded
wcslib succeeded
wise2 forked
xapian-core succeeded
xcb-util-cursor succeeded
xerces-c succeeded
xl2tpd succeeded
xorg-x11-apps forked
yaml-cpp forked
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