This is a rebuild of the zram packgage used by fedora-arm (FC29) for centos el7. It sets up a compressed (lz4) swap space in memory

It's arch independent and can be of use for all systems which have very low resources.

Installation Instructions

After enabling this repository run yum install zram
-or (for all arch's) just run -
yum install

The size of the swap is determent by the factor in /etc/zram.conf.
At installation this value is 2 (FACTOR=2); meaning the swapsize will be total_physical_memory / 2.

(if applicable) disable the current swap swapoff -a
You may need to disable mounting your swap partition at boot by commenting out the "swap line" in /etc/fstab
-or run - sed -i -e "/swap/s/^/# /w /dev/stdout" /etc/fstab

enable and start the zram-swap service:
systemctl enable zram-swap --now

You may want to check your swap setup with zramctl and swapon -s

Active Releases

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