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Fedora 29

Fedora kernel with revert of "ACPICA: AML interpreter: add region addresses in global list during initialization" (4abb951b73ff0a8a979113ef185651aa3c8da19b). Starting with 4.20.13, instead of the revert the proposed patch from the kernel bz is applied.

For use with hp6715b laptops (and others) which do not boot the kernel otherwise. bz 1659225

Fixed in kernel 5.0.8 which contains the patch from the kernel bz.

Fedora 26/27

Fedora kernel with Revert of "x86/ioapic: Force affinity setting in setup_ioapic_dest()" (4857c91f0d195f05908fff296ba1ec5fca87066c). For use with hp6715b laptops that run with slow cpu and high fan usage otherwise.

Fixed in kernel 4.15.3 which removes that mis-patched codepath all together.

Installation Instructions

dnf copr enable mjg/kernel-hp6715b dnf update

This will install the patched kernel in addition to the unpatched one (and, possibly, remove the oldest kernel package, depending on your installonly_limit and the number of installed kernels). Use at your own risk.

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