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Build Monitor

Package Epel 8
avahi succeeded
catfish succeeded
elementary-xfce-icon-theme succeeded
exo succeeded
garcon succeeded
glade3 succeeded
gnome-vfs2 succeeded
greybird succeeded
libart_lgpl succeeded
libbonobo succeeded
libbonoboui succeeded
libglade2 succeeded
libgnome succeeded
libgnomecanvas succeeded
libgnome-keyring succeeded
libgnomeui succeeded
libxfce4ui succeeded
libxfce4util succeeded
menulibre succeeded
ORBit2 succeeded
python-distutils-extra succeeded
python-psutil succeeded
Thunar succeeded
thunar-archive-plugin succeeded
thunar-volman succeeded
tumbler succeeded
unique succeeded
xfce4-appfinder succeeded
xfce4-clipman-plugin succeeded
xfce4-notes-plugin succeeded
xfce4-notifyd succeeded
xfce4-panel succeeded
xfce4-power-manager succeeded
xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin succeeded
xfce4-screensaver succeeded
xfce4-screenshooter succeeded
xfce4-session succeeded
xfce4-settings succeeded
xfce4-terminal succeeded
xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin succeeded
xfce4-xkb-plugin succeeded
xfce-polkit succeeded
xfconf succeeded
xfwm4 succeeded
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importing - Package content is being imported into DistGit.
pending - Your build is waiting for a builder.
starting - Trying to acquire and configure builder for task.
running - Build in progress.
succeeded - Successfully built.
forked - Build has been forked from another build.
skipped - This package has already been built previously.
failed - Build failed. See logs for more details.
canceled - The build has been cancelled manually.
waiting - Task is waiting for something else to finish.