Project ID: 40254

Build Monitor

Package Fedora rawhide
389-ds-base succeeded
abiword succeeded
abrt succeeded
accel-config succeeded
acl succeeded
adcli succeeded
addrwatch succeeded
amanda succeeded
am-utils succeeded
anaconda succeeded
antlr3 failed
apmd failed
apr succeeded
argus succeeded
armacycles-ad succeeded
arm-none-eabi-binutils-cs succeeded
arm-none-eabi-gcc-cs failed
asterisk succeeded
asymptote succeeded
at failed
attr succeeded
audacity succeeded
authselect succeeded
autoconf succeeded
autofs succeeded
automake succeeded
autotrace succeeded
avahi succeeded
avr-binutils succeeded
avr-gcc succeeded
axel succeeded
bacula succeeded
bes succeeded
bind succeeded
bind-dyndb-ldap failed
binutils succeeded
bison succeeded
blender succeeded
bless succeeded
bluez succeeded
boinc-client succeeded
booth failed
bout++ succeeded
brltty failed
btrfs-progs succeeded
burp succeeded
calcurse succeeded
carbon-c-relay succeeded
ceph failed
cgdcbxd succeeded
c++-gtk-utils succeeded
clamav succeeded
cldr-emoji-annotation succeeded
coccinelle succeeded
cockpit succeeded
coreutils failed
corosync succeeded
couchdb succeeded
cpio succeeded
cross-gcc failed
crun succeeded
cscope succeeded
cups succeeded
cups-filters succeeded
curl succeeded
cvs succeeded
cyrus-imapd failed
cyrus-sasl succeeded
dans-gdal-scripts succeeded
dc3dd succeeded
ddccontrol succeeded
ddccontrol-db succeeded
dd_rescue succeeded
deja-dup succeeded
dhcp succeeded
dialog succeeded
dictd succeeded
diffutils succeeded
dionaea succeeded
distcc succeeded
dnsperf succeeded
dovecot succeeded
dpkg succeeded
eclipse-cdt failed
egl-wayland succeeded
ejabberd succeeded
elfutils failed
elpa succeeded
emacs succeeded
enchant2 succeeded
epson-inkjet-printer-escpr succeeded
erlang succeeded
exfatprogs succeeded
expat succeeded
ez-ipupdate failed
fapolicyd succeeded
farstream02 succeeded
fbb succeeded
fcgiwrap succeeded
fcoe-utils succeeded
fido succeeded
file succeeded
firebird succeeded
firewalld succeeded
flex succeeded
FlightGear-Atlas succeeded
fontconfig succeeded
frama-c succeeded
freeipa succeeded
freeradius succeeded
FreeSOLID succeeded
freight-tools succeeded
frr succeeded
fstrm succeeded
fuse-overlayfs succeeded
fwts succeeded
gambas3 succeeded
gammu succeeded
ganglia succeeded
gap succeeded
gap-pkg-browse succeeded
gap-pkg-datastructures succeeded
gbdfed succeeded
gd succeeded
gdal succeeded
gdb failed
geeqie succeeded
gfs2-utils succeeded
ghdl succeeded
giada succeeded
gluster-block succeeded
glusterfs succeeded
gmediarender succeeded
gmp succeeded
gnome-abrt succeeded
gnome-applets succeeded
gnome-commander succeeded
gnome-panel succeeded
gnome-terminal succeeded
gnuradio succeeded
gnutls succeeded
goaccess succeeded
gperftools succeeded
gpm succeeded
graphviz succeeded
gsequencer succeeded
gsi-openssh succeeded
gsoap succeeded
gssntlmssp succeeded
gssproxy succeeded
gtkdatabox succeeded
guacamole-server succeeded
gxkb succeeded
gzip succeeded
harmonyseq succeeded
haveged succeeded
hitch succeeded
hplip succeeded
httpd succeeded
hunspell succeeded
ibus succeeded
ibus-anthy succeeded
ibus-hangul succeeded
ibus-input-pad succeeded
ibus-libpinyin succeeded
ibus-m17n succeeded
ibus-rawcode succeeded
ibus-sayura succeeded
icecast succeeded
icecream succeeded
icewm succeeded
icu succeeded
ifm succeeded
inadyn-mt succeeded
inn succeeded
insight succeeded
ipmitool succeeded
ipset failed
iptables succeeded
irqbalance succeeded
iwd failed
jabberd succeeded
java-latest-openjdk failed
jd succeeded
jo succeeded
kasumi succeeded
kbd succeeded
kea succeeded
kexec-tools succeeded
keybinder succeeded
kita succeeded
knock succeeded
krb5 succeeded
ladvd succeeded
latte-integrale succeeded
lcdproc succeeded
ledmon succeeded
libbluray succeeded
libcgroup succeeded
libcoap succeeded
libdasm succeeded
libdbusmenu succeeded
libemu succeeded
libfastjson succeeded
libgcrypt succeeded
libglvnd succeeded
libgpg-error failed
libgphoto2 failed
libgpiod succeeded
libgpod succeeded
libguestfs succeeded
libidn succeeded
libidn1.34 succeeded
libiptcdata succeeded
libixion succeeded
libjpeg-turbo succeeded
libjwt succeeded
libkcapi succeeded
liblouisutdml succeeded
libmaxminddb succeeded
libmbim succeeded
libmicrohttpd succeeded
libnet succeeded
liborcus failed
libpng succeeded
libqb succeeded
librelp succeeded
libreoffice failed
libreport succeeded
librtas failed
libsidplayfp succeeded
libspatialite succeeded
libstoragemgmt succeeded
libstorj succeeded
libtasn1 succeeded
libtiff succeeded
libtirpc succeeded
libtomcrypt succeeded
libtool succeeded
libtpms succeeded
libudfread succeeded
libva-utils failed
libverto succeeded
libvma succeeded
libxc succeeded
libxcrypt succeeded
libzfcphbaapi failed
libzia succeeded
lighttpd succeeded
lirc succeeded
lksctp-tools succeeded
lldpad succeeded
logrotate succeeded
lordsawar failed
lsvpd failed
lttng-tools succeeded
lua succeeded
lxc succeeded
lxsession succeeded
maildir-utils failed
mailman succeeded
mapserver succeeded
matio succeeded
mediaconch succeeded
medusa succeeded
memstomp succeeded
mesa-demos succeeded
metacity succeeded
mingw-dbus-glib succeeded
mingw-gcc succeeded
mingw-gdal failed
mingw-gnutls failed
mingw-harfbuzz succeeded
mingw-hidapi succeeded
mingw-hunspell succeeded
mingw-libarchive succeeded
mingw-libgeotiff succeeded
mingw-libspatialite succeeded
mingw-python3 succeeded
mingw-sqlite succeeded
mod_auth_gssapi succeeded
mod_auth_openidc succeeded
ModemManager failed
mokutil succeeded
mpich succeeded
mpsolve succeeded
mptcpd succeeded
mstflint succeeded
mtdev succeeded
mtools succeeded
mutt succeeded
nagios succeeded
nas succeeded
nbdkit succeeded
nbd-runner succeeded
netdata succeeded
net-snmp succeeded
nettle succeeded
NetworkManager succeeded
NetworkManager-openvpn succeeded
NetworkManager-ssh succeeded
newscache succeeded
nfs-utils succeeded
nmap succeeded
nodm succeeded
notmuch succeeded
nrpe succeeded
nsd succeeded
nss-pam-ldapd succeeded
ntl succeeded
nut failed
oath-toolkit succeeded
ocaml-gettext succeeded
ocaml-ocplib-simplex succeeded
ocaml-psmt2-frontend succeeded
ochusha succeeded
ocl-icd succeeded
ocspd succeeded
octave succeeded
octave-communications succeeded
ofono succeeded
oidentd succeeded
openchange succeeded
opencryptoki succeeded
opencv failed
opendkim succeeded
opendmarc succeeded
openhpi succeeded
OpenIPMI succeeded
openldap succeeded
openslp succeeded
opensm succeeded
opensmtpd succeeded
openssh succeeded
openssl-pkcs11 succeeded
open-vm-tools failed
openvpn succeeded
orangefs succeeded
ORBit2 succeeded
osm2pgsql succeeded
osslsigncode succeeded
ostree succeeded
owfs succeeded
pacemaker succeeded
pads succeeded
pam succeeded
pam_mysql succeeded
parted succeeded
pasystray succeeded
pcp succeeded
pcsc-lite succeeded
pdns-recursor succeeded
php succeeded
php-pecl-gearman succeeded
php-pecl-mailparse succeeded
php-pecl-xdebug failed
php-pecl-xdebug3 succeeded
pidgin succeeded
pidgin-logviewer failed
pidgin-sipe succeeded
pkgconf succeeded
plymouth succeeded
pocl succeeded
polkit succeeded
portaudio succeeded
postgis succeeded
powerpc-utils failed
powertop succeeded
privoxy succeeded
protobuf succeeded
proxysql succeeded
psacct succeeded
psutils succeeded
ptpd succeeded
pulseaudio failed
pynac succeeded
python2.7 succeeded
python3.10 succeeded
python3.8 succeeded
python3.9 succeeded
python-lfpy failed
python-yara failed
qatlib succeeded
qpdf succeeded
quota succeeded
R succeeded
rancid succeeded
raptor succeeded
rawstudio failed
rcs succeeded
realmd succeeded
resource-agents succeeded
rlog succeeded
rng-tools succeeded
rnv failed
rpcbind succeeded
rpm succeeded
rpm-ostree succeeded
rp-pppoe succeeded
rshim succeeded
rsync succeeded
rsyslog succeeded
rtkit succeeded
ruby succeeded
rwhoisd succeeded
saga succeeded
satyr failed
scim failed
scim-bridge succeeded
scim-pinyin succeeded
SDL_Pango succeeded
shadow-utils succeeded
shairplay succeeded
shairport-sync succeeded
sheepdog succeeded
shellinabox succeeded
sid failed
sidc failed
sidplayfp succeeded
siril succeeded
slirp4netns succeeded
slurm succeeded
smartmontools succeeded
smokeping succeeded
snapd succeeded
snapper succeeded
sparkleshare succeeded
spice-vdagent succeeded
sqlite succeeded
squid succeeded
sssd failed
stunnel succeeded
subversion succeeded
supercollider succeeded
supertuxkart succeeded
suricata succeeded
swig succeeded
swtpm succeeded
syncevolution failed
synfig failed
synfigstudio failed
sysconftool succeeded
syslog-ng succeeded
tcpcrypt succeeded
tcpdump succeeded
texlive-base succeeded
tftp succeeded
thermald succeeded
tilix succeeded
time succeeded
tkrzw succeeded
torque succeeded
transfig succeeded
trousers succeeded
tucnak succeeded
ucarp succeeded
udisks succeeded
ufraw succeeded
upower succeeded
uptimed succeeded
usbguard succeeded
usbip succeeded
usbmuxd succeeded
util-linux succeeded
uucp succeeded
valgrind succeeded
vapoursynth succeeded
vhostmd succeeded
vim succeeded
voms succeeded
warzone2100 succeeded
watchdog succeeded
wget succeeded
whatsup failed
wicked succeeded
wine succeeded
wine-mono succeeded
wmweather+ succeeded
workrave succeeded
wsmancli succeeded
xclip succeeded
xfdashboard succeeded
xfe succeeded
xfsprogs succeeded
xkeyboard-config succeeded
xorg-x11-apps failed
xorg-x11-drv-amdgpu succeeded
xorg-x11-drv-ati succeeded
xorg-x11-drv-libinput succeeded
xorg-x11-proto-devel succeeded
xorg-x11-resutils failed
xorg-x11-server succeeded
xorg-x11-server-utils failed
xorg-x11-utils failed
xorg-x11-xdm succeeded
xorg-x11-xfs succeeded
xorg-x11-xinit succeeded
xscreensaver succeeded
yara succeeded
ypbind succeeded
ypserv succeeded
zabbix succeeded
zbar succeeded
zlib succeeded
znc succeeded
zsh succeeded
Possible build states:
importing - Package sources are being imported into Copr DistGit.
pending - Build is waiting in queue for a backend worker.
starting - Backend worker is trying to acquire a builder machine.
running - Build in progress.
succeeded - Successfully built.
forked - Build has been forked from another build.
skipped - This package has already been built previously.
failed - Build failed. See logs for more details.
canceled - The build has been cancelled manually.
waiting - Task is waiting for something else to finish.