rhughes / f20-gnome-3-12


This COPR contains backported GNOME 3.12 packages and any required system dependencies for Fedora 20. It contains packages built automatically that have had very little testing.

From time to time this repo may have depsolve errors if certain libraries are in the process of being rebuilt. If the Builds tab has nothing pending or in progress and you do get dep errors after doing a dnf clean all then please send a mail with the output of dnf update.

This COPR will be updated until Fedora 21 has been released or until the entropy death of the universe, whichever happens first.

Installation Instructions

Install the repo file for this COPR by copying it to /etc/yum.repos.d and run dnf update. If you have a multilib system (i.e. are running x86_64 but have i686 packages installed for flash / steam) then you'll need to modify the .repo file to include both i386 and x86_64 sources, e.g.

$ cat rhughes-f20-gnome-3-12.repo [rhughes-f20-gnome-3-12-i386] name=Copr repo for f20-gnome-3-12 owned by rhughes (i386) baseurl=http://copr-be.cloud.fedoraproject.org/results/rhughes/f20-gnome-3-12/fedora-$releasever-i386/ skip_if_unavailable=True gpgcheck=0 cost=900 enabled=1 [rhughes-f20-gnome-3-12-x86_64] name=Copr repo for f20-gnome-3-12 owned by rhughes (x86_64) baseurl=http://copr-be.cloud.fedoraproject.org/results/rhughes/f20-gnome-3-12/fedora-$releasever-x86_64/ skip_if_unavailable=True gpgcheck=0 cost=800 enabled=1

You should also add cost=900 to the .repo file even if you are not running multilib as this will will also help dnf if updates or updates-testing has the same version of one of my rebuilt libraries.

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