Test repository for new abrt cli.

New cli is in abrt-cli-ng package available under abrt executable.

New features:

  • tab completion
  • output formats, custom formatting
  • new subcommands
    • abrt gdb
    • abrt debugino-install
    • abrt retrace
    • abrt backtrace

Commands overview

  • abrt list
  • abrt list --pretty=oneline
  • abrt list --fmt '{count}x {short_id} {what}'
  • abrt info
  • abrt gdb
  • abrt gdb --debuginfo-install
  • abrt backtrace
  • abrt debuginfo-install
  • abrt retrace
  • abrt retrace --local
  • abrt retrace --remote
  • abrt rm
  • abrt report
  • abrt status

Commands like abrt gdb, abrt backtrace, abrt show and abrt report will use last problem if no arguments are passed.

Please report any issues to our bugtracker

Installation Instructions

dnf copr enable rmarko/abrt dnf --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=rmarko-abrt update abrt* dnf install abrt-cli-ng

Then open a new terminal to enable tab completion and run abrt list.

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