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Fixes Adobe Flash Player DRM to allow use of Amazon Instant Video on Fedora 20+ or RHEL7. This works with 32bit or 64bit flash-plugin-11.2+ from Adobe in Firefox.

Update September 9th, 2014: fakehal-0.5.14-8 below should now automatically work on Fedora 20 or RHEL7 to allow Firefox to play Amazon Instant Video.

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Install FakeHAL Adobe Flash Player for some reason uses HAL for its DRM to function, but HAL was removed from the operating system in Fedora 16. The fakehal packages below contain a stripped down subset of hal necessary to allow this to work on newer versions of Fedora.

Step 3: Delete the ~/.adobe and ~/.macromedia Directories According to this page (, you need to delete not just the contents within that directory, but the entire directory tree. Then kill and restart Firefox.

Step 3: Test Adobe DRM Follow the instructions here ( to test it using the demo video player. Enable the "Show DRM Events" checkbox to see error messages. If you see the train video then it is working.


Sometimes it seems Amazon Instant fails to work. Repeat the steps of killing Firefox, deleting ~/.adobe and ~/.macromedia, then follow Adobe's instructions to view the train video. It seems that if the train video works then Amazon Instant will subsequently work.

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