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xdccget (FORK) (git)

Download files from IRC with XDCC with an easy and simple to use command line tool

freedoko (release)

Doppelkopf-game (card game)

TIPP10 (release)

Touch typing tutor

xsidplay incl. libsidplayfp (release)

Music player and SID chip emulator based on the SIDPLAY library

rdrand-test (git)

Testing the rdrand CPU instruction (INTEL 2013+ | AMD 2015+)

Aegisub with wxGTK 3.1.x incl. libass (git)

Cross-platform advanced subtitle editor

youtube-dl and yt-dlp (FORK) (git)

Download videos from some video sites

GoatTracker 2 plus Stereo (release)

Crossplatform C64 music tracker + tools gt2reloc ins2snd2 mod2sng sngspli2

p7zip (FORK) (git)

File archiver with a very high compression ratio (original project dead)

Installation Instructions

Info and instructions: (!) Proper path for db file needs to be set at firstrun (!) (!) SDL / PulseAudio recommended (!) | |

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