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CD ripper preferring accuracy over speed - forked from morituri

Installation Instructions

Installation should be relatively simple.

##Enable the copr repository. # dnf copr enable mruszczyk/whipper ##Install whipper # dnf install whipper


Whipper currently only has a command-line interface called whipper which is self-documenting: whipper -h gives you the basic instructions.

Whipper implements a tree of commands: for example, the top-level whipper command has a number of sub-commands.

Positioning of arguments is important:

$ whipper cd -d (device) rip

is correct, while

$ whipper cd rip -d (device)

is not, because the -d argument applies to the cd command.

~~Check the man page (whipper(1)) for more information.~~ (currently not available as whipper's documentation is planned to be reworked (Issue #73).

Getting started

The simplest way to get started making accurate rips is:

  1. Pick a relatively popular CD that has a good chance of being in the AccurateRip database

  2. Analyze the drive's caching behavior

    $ whipper drive analyze

  3. Find the drive's offset.

    Consult the AccurateRip's CD Drive Offset database for your drive. Drive information can be retrieved with whipper drive list.

    $ whipper offset find -o OFFSET

    If you omit the -o argument, whipper will try a long, popularity-sorted list of drive offsets.

    If you can not confirm your drive offset value but wish to set a default regardless, set read_offset = insert-numeric-value-here in whipper.conf.

    Offsets confirmed with whipper offset find are automatically written to the configuration file.

  4. Rip the disc by running

    $ whipper cd rip ##Additional documentation is available in the github readme.

Active Releases

The following unofficial repositories are provided as-is by owner of this project. Contact the owner directly for bugs or issues (IE: not bugzilla).

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