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Atomes is a Free (Open Source) cross-platform toolbox developed to analyze, to visualize and to edit/create three-dimensional atomistic models. It offers a workspace that allows to have many projects opened simultaneously.

The different projects in the workspace can exchange data: analysis results, atomic coordinates ... Atomes also provides an advanced input preparation system for further calculations using well known molecular dynamics codes:

To prepare the input filles for these calculations is likely to be the key, and most complicated step towards MD simulations. Atomes offers a user-friendly assistant to help and guide the user step by step to achieve this crucial step.


  • Analysis of 3D atomistic model: neutron and x-rays diffraction, rings statistics, chain statistics, bond order, MSD ...
  • Visualization: measures, coordination polyhedras, advanced coloring, advanced design
  • Edition: molecular library, crystal builder, cell edition, surface creation and passivation ...
  • MD input preparation:

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