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PyChess — an open-source desktop chess application and engine

. . . packaged for Fedora Linux only! (CentOS and OpenSUSE have missing dependencies)

PyChess . . .
PyChess is a featureful desktop chess gaming application designed primarily for the GNOME desktop application (Linux/UNIX), but had been ported to most other operating systems. With PyChess you can play offline against another human or computer (using just about any chess engine installed on your system—I recommend Stockfish). PyChess also supports playing online players from around the world via the FICS or ICC chess servers.

PyChess aims to be a clean, well-designed, interface, and I personally think it is the best overall chess client for the Linux desktop.

Why does this repository exist??

PyChess already ships with Fedora and most other Linux distributions, but those vendor-supplied versions are usually woefully outdated (Fedora ships a version of PyChess from 2016!). Therefore, I offer this build for your own convenience. I make no guarantees it works as it should. Buyer beware. :)


Installation Instructions

Installation instructions can be found here: https://github.com/taw00/pychess-rpm
Report packaging bugs at that same location. Thank you. -t

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