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Oversteer is an application to configure Logitech Wheels.

Features (when supported by the device):

  • Change emulation mode.
  • Change rotation range.
  • Combine accelerator/brakes pedals for games that use just one axis.
  • Change autocentering force strength.
  • Change force feedback gain.
  • Device configuration profiles.
  • Fix system permissions to access all device features.
  • Overlay window to display/configure range.
  • Use wheel buttons to configure range.

Additional features when using new-lg4ff:

  • Combine accelerator/clutch pedals (for flight simulators).
  • Change global force feedback gain.
  • Change each conditional force feedback effect type gain.
  • FFBmeter to monitor FFB clipping using wheel leds or overlay window.

This software supports the same wheel models supported by the Logitech Linux driver:

  • Driving Force / Formula EX
  • Driving Force Pro
  • Driving Force GT
  • Momo Force
  • Momo Racing Force
  • Speed Force Wireless
  • G25 Racing Wheel
  • G27 Racing Wheel
  • G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel
  • G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel
  • Experimental support for the Thrustmaster T300RS wheel when using https://github.com/Kimplul/hid-tmff2.

Installation Instructions

dnf copr enable uwueviee/oversteer dnf install oversteer

If you have issues while using this package, please contact me using the contact button before opening an issue on the project's GitHub page.

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