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GNOME Shell with this MR introducing hardware encoded screen recording:

HW Encoder setup

## for intel, amd or nouveau # Install vaapi plugin for gstreamer sudo dnf install gstreamer1-vaapi # install intel vaapi driver # for intel 5th gen or newer use intel-media-driver (from rpmfusion-nonfree) sudo dnf install intel-media-driver # for old intel cpus use the legacy i965 driver (from rpmfusion-free) sudo dnf install libva-intel-driver # install amd/nouveau vaapi driver sudo dnf install mesa-dri-drivers # check if vaapi works using vainfo (part of libva-utils package) vainfo ## for proprietary nvidia driver users # install nvcodec plugin for gstreamer sudo dnf install gstreamer1-plugins-bad-free ## finally clear gstreamer cache so the elements are not blacklisted rm -r ~/.cache/gstreamer-1.0

Gathering data

Logout and login again. Now do a screen recording using Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R and watch the whole recording to check if it recorded everything. Then get logs using journalctl --boot | grep SCREENCAST > log.txt and send them to including some info about your setup (output of vainfo, which CPU, GPU and GPU drivers).

Installation Instructions

sudo dnf copr enable verdre/screencast-hw-encoding sudo dnf update

To revert back to the official package, use:

sudo dnf copr disable verdre/screencast-hw-encoding sudo dnf downgrade gnome-shell

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Quick Enable

#> dnf copr enable verdre/screencast-hw-encoding
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