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Package Epel 7
alsamixergui forked
ardour forked
ardour3 forked
ardour4 forked
ardour5 failed
aubio forked
calf forked
clthreads forked
cwiid forked
drumgizmo forked
drumkv1 forked
drumstick forked
dssi forked
faust forked
fluid-soundfont forked
fluidsynth forked
fluidsynth-dssi forked
gnome-alsamixer forked
gt forked
guitarix forked
hydrogen forked
itstool failed
jack-audio-connection-kit forked
jack_capture forked
jconvolver forked
ladspa-autotalent-plugins failed
lash forked
libgnomecanvasmm26 forked
liblo forked
liblrdf forked
libltc forked
lilv forked
lmms forked
lv2 forked
lv2-abGate forked
lv2-c++-tools forked
lv2dynparam failed
lv2-fabla failed
lv2-fomp-plugins forked
lv2-invada-plugins forked
lv2-kn0ck0ut failed
lv2-vocoder-plugins forked
lv2-x42-plugins forked
lv2-zynadd-plugins failed
meterbridge forked
non-ntk forked
plug failed
portmidi forked
qjackctl forked
qsynth forked
qtractor failed
rakarrack forked
rubberband forked
serd forked
sord forked
sratom forked
stk forked
suil forked
vamp-plugin-sdk failed
zita-convolver forked
zita-resampler forked
zynaddsubfx failed
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