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Dolphin is a KDE File Manager. This version is patched allow root access. (ara)


Smaragd is a themable window decoration engine for KDE's KWin window manager. It uses the original Emerald engines to render the decorations to support all current Emerald themes.


Gnome extension, theme, etc stuff. My personal repo. gnome-shell-theme-matcha-dark-fedora - alter activity logo and some style options. gnome-shell-extension-disable-unredirect - x-server fullscreen tearing fix by function unredirect_for_screen of diable or enable. gnome-shell-extension-appindicator - this extension integrates Ubuntu AppIndicators. caffeine - Prevent screensaving and powersaving gnome-shell - add patch fixing wayland bad behaviour with virtualbox (Origin: and more arc-gtk-theme - desktop flat gtk+ theme vimix-icon-theme - desktop icon theme woeusb - create boot usb stick for windows gnome-shell-theme-yosemite-dark - Mac OSX Yosemite like theme. This theme is alter some options and styles for gnome-shell users. yosemite-light-gtk-theme - Mac OSX like gtk theme imsettings - fix return exit code brackets - new update 1.12 (testing) important gnome-shell-theme-match-dark gnome-shell-theme-yosemite-dark This two gnome-shell themes in alter GDM login backgraound and recreate gnome-shell-theme.gresource for fedora users. The background image name is gdm_wallpaper.jpg and location is /usr/share/backgrounds And than: $ sudo mv /usr/share/gnome-shell/gnome-shell-theme.gresource /usr/share/gnome-shell/gnome-shell-theme.gresource.bak $ sudo cp /usr/share/theme/{theme_name}/gnome-shell/gnome-shell-theme.gresource /usr/share/gnome-shell/ after your select image copy in /usr/share/backgroungs/gdm_wallpaper.jpg or make use nautilus script the bottom #!/bin/bash /usr/bin/convert -blur 0x10 pwd/$1 pwd/gdm_wallpaper.jpg pkexec mv pwd/gdm_wallpaper.jpg /usr/share/backgrounds/


Nimf is an input method framework which has a module-based client-server architecture in which an application acts as a client and communicates synchronously with the Nimf server via a unix socket.


Nautilus is the file manager and graphical shell for the GNOME desktop that makes it easy to manage your files and the rest of your system. This patch version is nautilus icon view style to gap modification like a old icon view style.


FooBillardplus is an attempt to create a free OpenGL-billard for Linux. Better than foobillard++.


A configurable fontconfig configuration meant to be used in conjunction with Freetype patches from It should drop cleanly into most existing fontconfig setups. This generic pakages complete settings for the korean users. After installed use command and choose linux style(3. linux) The FreeType engine is a free and portable font rendering engine, developed to provide advanced font support for a variety of platforms and environments. This pakages is already infinality patched. Include script file with freetype pakage. Cairo is a 2D graphics library designed to provide high-quality display and print output. This pakage is infinality patched