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Use it at your own risk!

This repo is a modified version of che-mesa.

Triggered to be rebuilt every few hours if code update is detected. Is set to follow the official mesa gitlab repo https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa Built with Distro's LLVM. In addition to that, libdrm updates are provided aswell.

Installation Instructions

For x86_64 you have to enable both the 64bit and 32bit repositories, because most of the games are still 32 bit applications.

For mesa and libdrm create a mesa-git.repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d/ with the following content:

[mesa-git] name=Copr repo with mesa built from the official mesa git - x86_64 baseurl=https://copr-be.cloud.fedoraproject.org/results/xxmitsu/mesa-git/fedora-$releasever-$basearch/ skip_if_unavailable=True gpgcheck=1 gpgkey=https://copr-be.cloud.fedoraproject.org/results/xxmitsu/mesa-git/pubkey.gpg enabled=1 enabled_metadata=1 [mesa-git-x86] name=Copr repo with mesa built from the official mesa git - i386 baseurl=https://copr-be.cloud.fedoraproject.org/results/xxmitsu/mesa-git/fedora-$releasever-i386/ skip_if_unavailable=True gpgcheck=1 gpgkey=https://copr-be.cloud.fedoraproject.org/results/xxmitsu/mesa-git/pubkey.gpg enabled=1 enabled_metadata=1

Rawhide users:

Due to the following issue, rawhide users, might need to manually modify their $releasever to rawhide.

For AMDGPU owners, ACO backend is now default backend for RADV:

  • What is ACO? ACO stands for Amd COmpiler. More details here.
  • Testing instructions
  • Backend capabilities. (Check here supported hardware)
  • The ACO backend was enabled by default for RADV(Vulkan) as of 2020-06-25.
  • RADV_DEBUG=llvm option can be used to enable legacy LLVM backend.

Vulkan selection layer:

  • This is the vulkan equivalent of DRI_PRIME=1. Usage instructions:

  • Get your device's vendor id and device id

# lspci -nn | grep -i vga 43:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Vega 20 [Radeon VII] [1002:66af] (rev c1)
  • Set before game launch command:
  • Example for Steam launch options, using the above determined device id:
MESA_VK_DEVICE_SELECT=1002:66af %command%


For users upgrading from mesa 19

dnf remove mesa-khr-devel

Gnome shell fails to start after recent mesa-20.1-git

It is possible that a bug may slip in that will be fixed on a future version. See this bug reports: 2473 , 2466 and 3694

If you were unlucky to update to the specific build that had the regression:

  • dnf remove mesa-egl-icd
  • then do another update to pickup latest packages.

Or, you could try this workaround.

GDM Startup hangs, I can see a black screen and a mouse cursor that can not be moved

This is a known issue, see: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/mutter/merge_requests/619 The only way of fixing this is to either manually patch mutter or wait until a new mutter package is provided.

NOTE: updated mutter packages are now available in updates for f29 and f30! Thanks to the official Fedora maintainer Florian Muellner!

Possible workaround: If you do not care about wayland sessions you can edit /etc/gdm/custom.conf and uncomment: WaylandEnable=false This will make gdm start but you will have no more wayland options until you comment it out again.

Mouse clicks not working in GDM/Gnome-Shell/Mutter:

Additionally the latest mesa exposes RGB10 with radeonsi by default. This leads to the problem with gdm and gnome-shell that mouse clicks are not recieved by the applications when using wayland. If you are affected by the problem the workaround is to turn off RGB10 exposure to gdm/gnome-shell:

echo "allow_rgb10_configs=false" >> /etc/environment

The problem has been reported by Mikhail Gavrilov and he was also kind enough to notify me of the workaround that was provided on the amd-gfx mailinglist. He also reported the problem upstream: Bug Report. Thank you Mikhail!

How do i use amdgpu for my si/cik card to get vulkan support?

Important: If you make your system unbootable by screwing up your grub.cfg, do not blame me! I am not recommending you to do this change!

BUG: With kernel-4.18.18 it still works, but all kernel-4.19 versions seem to have a bug that prevents this from working, resulting in a black screen when the login manager is supposed to appear. This is not a bug in mesa!

For SI cards the following kernel boot parameters will enable the amdgpu kernel driver and turn off radeon support:

amdgpu.si_support=1 radeon.si_support=0

For CIK cards the following kernel boot parameters will enable the amdgpu kernel driver and turn off radeon support:

amdgpu.cik_support=1 radeon.cik_support=0

If you want to run Xorg based sessions with your SI or CIK card and the amdgpu kernel driver you will also need to install the amdgpu xorg driver:

dnf install xorg-x11-drv-amdgpu

How do i get back to stock versions of mesa and llvm?

For that you simply disable the repositories and run:

dnf distro-sync

Active Releases

The following unofficial repositories are provided as-is by owner of this project. Contact the owner directly for bugs or issues (IE: not bugzilla).

Release Architectures Repo Download
Fedora 34 i386 (978)*, x86_64 (1787)* Fedora 34 multilib x86_64+i386 (0 downloads)
Fedora 36 i386 [modified] (62988)*, x86_64 [modified] (85955)* Fedora 36 multilib x86_64+i386 (309 downloads)
Fedora 37 i386 [modified] (9410)*, x86_64 [modified] (13486)* Fedora 37 multilib x86_64+i386 (45 downloads)
Fedora rawhide i386 [modified] (6163)*, x86_64 [modified] (8935)* Fedora rawhide multilib x86_64+i386 (878 downloads)

* Total number of packages downloaded in the last seven days.