Project ID: 30607

Build Monitor

Package Fedora rawhide
annobin failed
asciidoc succeeded
babel succeeded
dblatex succeeded
gdb succeeded
pyparsing succeeded
pytest succeeded
python3 succeeded
python-atomicwrites succeeded
python-attrs succeeded
python-chardet succeeded
python-contextlib2 succeeded
python-cov-core succeeded
python-coverage succeeded
python-decorator succeeded
python-docutils succeeded
python-extras succeeded
python-fixtures succeeded
python-funcsigs succeeded
python-hypothesis succeeded
python-idna succeeded
python-imagesize succeeded
python-iniparse succeeded
python-jinja2 succeeded
python-markupsafe succeeded
python-mimeparse succeeded
python-mock succeeded
python-more-itertools succeeded
python-nose succeeded
python-nose2 succeeded
python-nose-cov succeeded
python-packaging failed
python-parameterized succeeded
python-pbr succeeded
python-pip succeeded
python-pluggy succeeded
python-pretend succeeded
python-process-tests succeeded
python-py succeeded
python-pygments succeeded
python-pysocks succeeded
python-pytoml succeeded
python-requests succeeded
python-setuptools succeeded
python-setuptools_scm succeeded
python-six succeeded
python-snowballstemmer succeeded
python-sphinx succeeded
python-sphinxcontrib-applehelp succeeded
python-sphinxcontrib-devhelp succeeded
python-sphinxcontrib-htmlhelp succeeded
python-sphinxcontrib-jsmath succeeded
python-sphinxcontrib-qthelp succeeded
python-sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml succeeded
python-sphinxcontrib-trio succeeded
python-sphinx_rtd_theme succeeded
python-sphinx-theme-alabaster succeeded
python-sqlalchemy succeeded
python-testscenarios succeeded
python-testtools succeeded
python-urllib3 succeeded
python-wcwidth succeeded
python-wheel succeeded
python-whoosh succeeded
pytz succeeded
pyxattr failed
rpm succeeded
Possible build states:
importing - Package content is being imported into DistGit.
pending - Your build is waiting for a builder.
starting - Trying to acquire and configure builder for task.
running - Build in progress.
succeeded - Successfully built.
forked - Build has been forked from another build.
skipped - This package has already been built previously.
failed - Build failed. See logs for more details.
canceled - The build has been cancelled manually.
waiting - Task is waiting for something else to finish.