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mptcp-kernel-3.12.x is the kernel package which built with mptcp (MultiPath TCP) function. The source code is hosted in github .

This is not official repository and please take full responsibility for your actions.

Installation Instructions

Please read Following instructions.


This package is now still working in progress and being tested by Kenjiro Nakayama. Please don't use it in your production system. And again, this is not official repository and please take full responsibility for your actions.

#How to install

memo: Following steps is for Fedora 20

## For rpm command * Step 1. Download rpm package `wget` * Step 2. Install by rpm command `rpm -ivh --oldpackage kernel-3.12.18-300.mptcp.fc20.x86_64.rpm` * Step 3. Confirm installation `rpm -qa |grep kernel |grep mptcp` Result -> `kernel-3.12.18-300.mptcp.fc20.x86_64.rpm` * Step 4. Restart and choose the installed mptcp kernel. And check by following command. `sysctl -a |grep mptcp_enabled` * (If you would like to remove the package) `rpm -e kernel-3.12.18-300.mptcp.fc20.x86_64.rpm`

For yum command (You need to uninstall current kernel package...)

  • Step 1. Set up yum repository

wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/mptcp-kernel.repo

  • Step 2. Install the kernel

yum --disablerepo=base,extras,updates install kernel

  • Step 3. Restart and check mptcp parameters

sysctl -a |grep mptcp_enabled


If you have any question, comment or request, please tell me by following E-mail address in English or Japanese.

Mail To: (Kenjiro Nakayama)

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