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Build for testing, Mutter Compositor without Xwayland. Advise: Not use this is just for personal testings
  • Fedora 38 : aarch64, i386, ppc64le, s390x, x86_64


GDM upstream 44.0 builds for Fedora 38. All source builds is from Advise: Test build, just use if you know what this are
  • Fedora 38 : ppc64le, s390x, x86_64


mutter built with [MR 1441 (dynamic triple buffering)]( Please not use this fork, this is a test using clang toolchain and LLVM Clang LTO (Link Time Optimization), is not to be used for default. And the releases can't be working if you need to use gnome with triple buffering patch please use
  • Fedora 38 : aarch64, ppc64le, x86_64


Mesa3D builds with Clang Toolchain and LLVM Full LTO enabled for default. All updates is from Fedora RPM packages sources. In Future will have a Main Packages using upstream main branch. All Builds have Intel-clc enabled, if you use Intel's ARC GPUs can be better use this Copr. "ThinLTO compilation is a new type of LTO that is both scalable and incremental. LTO (Link Time Optimization) achieves better runtime performance through whole-program analysis and cross-module optimization. However, monolithic LTO implements this by merging all input into a single module, which is not scalable in time or memory, and also prevents fast incremental compiles. In ThinLTO mode, as with regular LTO, clang emits LLVM bitcode after the compile phase. The ThinLTO bitcode is augmented with a compact summary of the module. During the link step, only the summaries are read and merged into a combined summary index, which includes an index of function locations for later cross-module function importing. Fast and efficient whole-program analysis is then performed on the combined summary index." - ThinLTO site
  • Fedora 38 : x86_64


mutter built with [MR 1441 (dynamic triple buffering)]( NOTE: MR 1441 as linked above tracks mutter main. This repo distributes a build of mutter using the same copy of the patch as Debian and Ubuntu apply for the respective version of mutter (sources).
  • Fedora 38 : aarch64, i386, ppc64le, s390x, x86_64