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Packages are now in Fedora (25th March 2015)

The xpra packages have now passed review and xpra will be available from the Fedora repos in the very near future. I'll leave this COPR up so as not to break people's setups, but there should be no reason to use it going forward.

Old information

This is a repo for package of Xpra. Xpra upstream describes itself thusly:

Xpra is 'screen for X', and more: it allows you to run X programs, usually on a remote host and direct their display to your local machine. It also allows you to display existing desktop sessions remotely. Xpra is "rootless" or "seamless", and sessions can be accessed over SSH, or password protected and encrypted over plain TCP sockets. Xpra adapts to bandwidth constraints and is fully open-source.

Currently undergoing package review for inclusion into Fedora - see Bugzilla 1198312

See also the associated package review for the js-web-socket-js package, Bugzilla 1199189

Installation Instructions


dnf copr enable jgu/xpra


yum copr enable jgu/xpra

and then either:

dnf install xpra


yum install xpra

Then see upstream's wiki and Usage guide.

If you have a version of xpra earlier than xpra-0.14.19-6 installed, you may need to remove the old package and reinstall, as some directories have been replaced with symlinks.

If you are installing on Fedora 20 you'll need to enable the updates-testing repository to pull in the js-jquery package, i.e. replace the command above with

yum --enablerepo=updates-testing install xpra

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