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Different utilities for jtag, ARC, et-cetera, which are not yet packaged in the all-might upstream fedora.

Some nice packages include:

  • openocd 0.10.0 with ARC support
  • arc-elf32 gdb
  • xc3sprogs - great for programming those xIlinx monsters

Installation Instructions

Enable this repo, then profit:

# dnf copr enable mrnuke/jtag-n-stuf # dnf install xc3sprogs arc-elf32-binutils arc-elf32-gdb openocd

Now, to program a Xilinx with a Digilent HS1 cable, run

$ xc3sprog -c jtaghs1_fast filename.bit:w

Where filename.bit is the name of the fiel containing the FPGA bitstream.

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