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IMPORTANT: There are already new maintainer for TimeShift that will releasing new version of TimeShift that will works with Fedora +F35 and up. You could find it here https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/?search=timeshift. Because of that you should not need this Copr repo again. Regards and thank you. To Remove This Repo # Disable this repo. sudo dnf config-manager copr:copr.fedorainfracloud.org:oprizal:timeshift-upstream --disable # Remove installed timeshift package from this repo. # Using reinstall will not work and the dnf will try to find this repo. sudo dnf remove timeshift # Install again and since this repo already disabled you'll get timeshift from official Fedora Linux repo. sudo dnf install timeshift # Most of the times, at least from my test, the new installed timeshift will automatically recognizes # our old snapshot. No worry about that. # If you get error message when running `sudo timeshift --list` or (with any options) mentioning BTRFS quota # or qgroup, you could run following command. sudo btrfs quota enable / Here are compiled newest timeshift from Github for temporary update until timeshift on the main fedora repository get updated by the package maintener . This version intended to fix timeshift bugs on Fedora 35 Workstation. Update: 2022-03-16 Look like there already new maintainer for TimeShift that already push new version that will works with Fedora version +F35 that should be come to update in nears days or weeks. Please check here https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/?search=timeshift. Because of that, I encourages if you just found this Copr repo, please just wait from official Fedora Repos update and if you already uses this Copr repos, it will still available but will not get update again. 2021-11-16 Rebuild packages for Fedora Rawhide. If you already adding this repository before, please re-run sudo dnf copr enable oprizal/timeshift-upstream to be able to update on your Fedora Rawhide branch.