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Rust components for crypto-auditing and their dependencies.

Note: this is experimental; use it at your own risk

Installation Instructions


  1. Install one of the instrumented cryptographic libraries from ueno/crypto-auditing repository, with:sudo dnf -y copr enable ueno/crypto-auditing && sudo dnf -y install gnutls
  2. Install the components from this copr: sudo dnf -y copr enable ueno/rust-crypto-auditing && sudo dnf -y install crypto-auditing-agent crypto-auditing-log-parser crypto-auditing-event-broker crypto-auditing-client
  3. Edit /etc/crypto-auditing/agent.conf and uncomment the library = line
  4. Start the agent service through systemd: sudo systemctl start crypto-auditing-agent.service
  5. Start the event broker socket through systemd: sudo systemctl start crypto-auditing-event-broker.socket

Batch analysis

  1. Exercise TLS handshake: wget https://fedoraproject.org
  2. Check if the log file is properly written: ls -al /var/log/crypto-auditing/audit.cborseq
  3. Parse it with the log parser: crypto-auditing-log-parser /var/log/crypto-auditing/audit.cborseq

Real-time analysis

  1. Run the client with TLS scope: sudo -u crypto-auditing crypto-auditing-client --scope tls
  2. Exercise TLS handshake: wget https://fedoraproject.org

Active Releases

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