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SciDAVis is a free interactive application aimed at data analysis and publication-quality plotting. It combines a shallow learning curve and an intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface with powerful features such as scriptability and extensibility.

The package was removed in Fedora 24 as it failed to build and needed some care upstream. It was recently updated and now it comes with a patched liborigin, which works with recent versions of Origin. However, as I do not have access to such files, please test and leave feedback.

Suggestions, patches and corrections are more than welcome.

A huge amount of work was done by lupinix, the previous maintainer - many thanks!

A big "thank you" goes out to Miquel Garriga, upstream contributor to both SciDAVis and liborigin, for the armv7hl patch and for helping me unbundle liborigin and amend the spec files.


Following the release of liborigin v3 upstream, I have updated the liborigin package in Fedora and removed the interim liborigin3 package, which is no longer required.

Supported architectures

As of version 1.19-2, SciDAVis can be built (at least) on x86_64, i686, ppc64, ppc64le, aarch64, armv7hl and s390x. Since copr doesn't have any ARM builders yet, if you need the package for aarch64 or armv7hl, there is no use in enabling the repository, but you can use the source rpm to build a package compatible with your platform.

Update May 08 2020:

Until the situation with build dependencies is sorted, this repository will contain the most recent versions of SciDAVis.

Update Feb 02 2019:

With the upcoming release of SciDAVis v2, I have decided to provide updated builds, following upstream development, in order to gather user feedback. The most notable change is that SciDAVis is now built against Qt5. This is thanks to Miquel Garriga's port of qwt5 to Qt5.

Installation Instructions


SciDAVis is now officially in Fedora again, so you do not need to enable this repository. It will be kept around for testing purposes only. You can disable or remove this repo, using the following commands (as root, or prefixed with 'sudo'):

# dnf copr disable alexpl/scidavis # dnf copr remove alexpl/scidavis

In order to install SciDAVis from this repository, first you need to enable it (all the following commands are run as root, or prefixed with 'sudo'):

# dnf copr enable alexpl/scidavis

Answer "yes" (y) when you are asked if you want to continue with enabling the repo:

You are about to enable a Copr repository. Please note that this repository is not part of the main distribution, and quality may vary. The Fedora Project does not exercise any power over the contents of this repository beyond the rules outlined in the Copr FAQ at <>, and packages are not held to any quality or security level. Please do not file bug reports about these packages in Fedora Bugzilla. In case of problems, contact the owner of this repository. Do you want to continue? [y/N]: y

and proceed with the installation:

# dnf install scidavis

At that point, you will have to import the GPG key of the repo, by answering yes again:

Importing GPG key 0x9E2CC3F8: Userid : "alexpl_scidavis (None) <>" Fingerprint: E31F AC59 D09C 433D BE0B A89F 420E 047A 9E2C C3F8 From : Is this ok [y/N]: y

And you're set.

Active Releases

The following unofficial repositories are provided as-is by owner of this project. Contact the owner directly for bugs or issues (IE: not bugzilla).

Release Architectures Repo Download
Fedora 34 aarch64 (72)*, ppc64le (24)*, x86_64 (72)* Fedora 34 (0 downloads)
Fedora 35 aarch64 (72)*, ppc64le (24)*, x86_64 (72)* Fedora 35 (31 downloads)
Fedora 36 aarch64 (72)*, ppc64le (24)*, x86_64 (72)* Fedora 36 (12 downloads)
Fedora 37 aarch64 (72)*, ppc64le (24)*, x86_64 (72)* Fedora 37 (2 downloads)
Fedora rawhide aarch64 (72)*, ppc64le (24)*, x86_64 (72)* Fedora rawhide (202 downloads)

* Total number of packages downloaded in the last seven days.