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LLVM release 5.0.0, built from the respective SVN release_50 branch.

This repository provides packages for an LLVM release built from sources, comprising of some of its major parts.

The included parts are: LLVM + clang + tools-extra + lldb + compiler-rt.

  • For CentOS 7.x, CentOS 6.x, and Fedora.
  • To reduce impact on the installed systems to the minimum, the files are installed separately under /opt/llvm-5.0.0. See instructions on usage.
  • Package names contain their versions, so they can be easily installed in conjunction with an older/newer distribution version.
  • Clang includes clang-tools-extra (for clang-tidy and friends)

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Installation Instructions

Version is contained in packages' names.

E.g. dnf install llvm-5.0.0 clang-5.0.0 lldb-5.0.0 compiler-rt-5.0.0


  • llvm-5.0.0
  • llvm-5.0.0-devel (NOTE: if you depend on llvm-config, install this package!).
  • llvm-5.0.0-doc
  • llvm-5.0.0-libs
  • llvm-5.0.0-static


  • clang-5.0.0
  • clang-5.0.0-analyzer
  • clang-5.0.0-devel
  • clang-5.0.0-libs
  • clang-5.0.0-tools-extra
  • git-clang-format-5.0.0


  • lldb-5.0.0
  • lldb-5.0.0-devel
  • python-lldb-5.0.0

IMPORTANT usage notes:

Depending on your usage and other installed packages, you may need to set some environment variables:

  • You may need to set PATH to include /opt/llvm-5.0.0/bin, depending on your usage patterns. Direct execution of /opt/llvm-5.0.0/bin/clang should work anyway.
  • The llvm-config script is contained in the llvm-5.0.0-devel package.
  • The CentOS 6.x LLDB build depends on Python 2.7 from devtoolset 2.

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